Learning Specialist
Job Details
Full Time

Reports to: Division Head

Position Summary:

The Lower School Learning Specialist is responsible for organizing and implementing school-approved support for students with learning differences and/or students who require targeted interventions to achieve grade-level objectives.  This position is responsible for creating an educational atmosphere in which students have the opportunity to reach their academic potential and achieve intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological growth. 

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with faculty, counselors, learning specialists, and divisional leadership to support students with learning differences and other educational needs

  • Coordinate and facilitate communication between student, family, school, and other relevant professionals     

  • Provide specialized instruction for students in grades K-5 focused on, but not limited to literacy, math, and  English language acquisition.

  • Teach individual and groups of students in both push-in and pull-out modes of instruction 

  • Review and interpret psycho-educational evaluations

  • Develop and write student accommodation plans

  • Communicate and ensure the faithful implementation of approved accommodation plans

  • Observe individual students displaying academic or behavioral difficulties and use the data to recommend in-school and community resources for identified students

  • Secure and provide standardized testing accommodations for qualifying students

  • Maintain confidential student records, ensuring proper documentation of consent for the external release of student information related to student accommodations

  • Liaise with the Admissions Department regarding prospective students 

  • Serve on the divisional leadership team

  • Coordinate the work of divisional student support team

  • Coordinate academic tutoring for students in grades K-5 in accordance with the SA Tutoring Policy.

  • Other duties as assigned by the division head or the Head of School





  • Bachelor’s degree in an education-related field

  • Masters degree in Exceptional Student Education or related field preferred

  • Demonstrated experience serving students with diverse learning needs in an independent school or a similar setting

  • Strong organization skills

  • Ability to communicate effectively with a variety of constituents

  • Cultural competence

  • Strong work ethic


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