Certified Peer Specialist Alumni Coodinator
Job Details

Scope: To offer peer support to current clients at Skyland Trail and to coordinate Skyland Trail alumni program and activities.  Group leadership with focus on peer support as part of day treatment groups; WRAP, DRA/12 step, peer solution focus, new client orientation.


  • To participate in the milieu (through groups, meetings, outings or individual sessions) serving as a mentor and peer support for clients receiving care.
  • To participate with staff from the clinical team to identify urgent issues and to help improve the services offered to clients.
  •  Meet with clients individually, as referred by PC/appropriate, to offer a safe space to share and discuss any resistance, anxiety, and/or impulse to leave treatment along with insight and skills to assist in their recovery.
  • Work closely with admissions department to contact/connect with potential families requesting to speak with an alumni.
  •  To coordinate and facilitate alumni activities at Skyland Trail and in the community.
  • Offer annual RESPECT Institute Training here at Skyland Trail (facilitated by RESPECT Institute staff) to alumni of Skyland Trail.
  •  To communicate with alumni about upcoming events at Skyland Trail using telephone, email and social media.
  • Develop and maintain an alumni contact database offering data on who participates in program and a list of alumni who have expressed interest in giving back to Skyland Trail through advocacy and sharing their story.
  • To complete all documentation in accordance with guidelines. 
  • To communicate with other clinical staff regarding any client issues that arise during interactions with current clients or alumni.
  • To participate on planning/event committee’s (AITG, Alumni Celebration, Volunteer celebration, etc.) appropriate for alumni participation.
  • To help implement ‘client recovery stories’ as part of other program activities (STEP, Family Orientation, CORE group relevant to specific track, community meeting).
  • To practice ethically and to comply with facility policies and accreditation standards (i.e., Joint Commission, ORS, etc.).
  • Other duties as assigned. 

Reports to: Director of Adjunctive Therapies and Family Education

Competencies: This position should have sufficient preparedness in the following areas:

  • Strong group leadership through development of quality lesson plans, facilitation techniques, and client engagement.
  • Identify and support client needs and potential concerns/crisis and add additional clinical support, when needed.
  • Oversee client safety and engagement during community outings, activities/lessons, use of equipment and exercise.
  • Support other department and organization needs through collaboration, creation, and follow through.
  • Professional development through participation in Mental Health seminars, weekly clinical supervision, and in-service opportunities.
  • Mentor Adjunctive Therapy interns (and all interns as appropriate) through connection, teachable moments, feedback, and opportunities to learn and grow. 
  • Represent Adjunctive Therapies in clinical treatment meetings through clinical and relevant client observation, insight, and ideas to progress client recovery.
  • Ability to timely and appropriately document client assessment, progress, concerns, and treatment recommendations
  • Knowledge of CPR and First Aid Procedure
  • Good Driving Record
  • Crisis management skills, Knowledge of emergency procedures for fire, disaster and unplanned incidents
  • Familiar with and able to apply Recovery Model to treatment planning
  • Demonstrates urgency, follow through, and ownership of work
  • Employs innovative and flexible strategies/thinking to maximize treatment benefits for clients
  • Practices ethically and professionally
  • Knowledge and ability to enforce HIPAA standards and Skyland Trail Confidentiality Policies




  • Graduate of Skyland Trail, preferred
  • Certified Peer Specialist (CPS), preferred, or will complete CPS training and certificate within six months of employment
  • Prior experience in peer support role for complex mental illness diagnosis, preferred
  • Knowledge of 12 step program