Zoo Manager
Job Details
Answers in Genesis / Creation Museum - Petersburg, KY
Full Time

The Zoo Manager is a proven professional who oversees the daily functions of the Eden Animal Experience including but not limited to the zoo staff, presentations, animal husbandry, animal health and guest relations. This position is responsible for assisting the Zoo Director in maintaining a positive guest experience in the zoo, promoting a productive and Christian work environment, formulating necessary policies, supporting company directives and mission statements and managing all animal care and veterinary procedures. This position will allow one to impact others through a service mindset centered on making an eternal difference. This position should display our Core Values of SERVE (Serve, Equip, Relate, Value, Engage) when interfacing with both internal and external customers to ensure that the message and mission of Answers in Genesis is portrayed in an effective and God-honoring fashion. This position provides opportunities for spiritual, personal, and professional development.


  • Promote the mission and standards of Answers in Genesis.
  • Create a SERVE culture environment in all work done.
  • Approach all tasks with a second-mile mindset
  • Prioritize personal integrity in all interactions and assignments
  • Oversee and promote the spiritual, personal, and professional development of all team members being led
  • Oversees all Eden Animal Experience staff and operations
  • Performs daily inspections of:
  • Animal collection to observe for health and wellbeing
  • Examines all animal habitats and storage areas to check for safety and cleanliness
  • Keeper reports to ensure records are clear, following up on any issues
  • Oversees enrichment and training programs
  • Works with the Animal Health Manager and Zoo Director on animal health concerns and animal welfare tracking
  • Assists with transfer and introduction plans
  • Identifies and develops department guidelines, procedures and best practices and documents SOPs in coordination with other zoo leadership
  • Works with the Zoo Director in planning new habitats and additions to the collection
  • Track inventory and equipment and place orders when needed
  • Works with the Animal Presenter in planning and scheduling zoo programming
  • Responsible for ensuring speakers and keepers are scheduled of programming
  • Coordinate with the head keeper and/or the Zoo Director on staff training and development
  • Assists with compliance of all government regulation
  • Regulates a safe work environment for the animal collections, guests and staff through coordination with Safety Team
  • Provides direct supervision of zoo staff and manages staff related issues, discipline, scheduling, positive team building
  • Facilitates communication of all zoo activities to the Zoo Director and pertinent information to the staff
  • Oversee the professional development of all team members through one on one meetings, coaching and training opportunities
  • Actively develop and maintain a work atmosphere that enhances the spiritual growth of all team members
  • Performs all other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management


  • Must agree with and be able to sign our Statement of Faith
  • Maintains a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Regularly attends a local, Bible-believing church
  • Customer service oriented, dedicated to high guest satisfaction levels
  • Good problem-solving skills and decision-making ability
  • Ability to estimate and meet realistic deadlines, perform under pressure, and react quickly to changing priorities
  • Leads by example, resolves conflicts and gets the job done
  • Willing to work long hours and be on feet for extended periods of time
  • Willing and able to work long hours and be on feet for long periods. Able to lift heavy loads of 20-100lbs. repeatedly

Education & Experience

  • A degree in a zoology, biology or other life science
  • 2-5 years animal care and management experience
  • 2-5 years’ experience in staff management 
  • Proven leadership qualities: Trustworthy, Passionate, Humble, and Courageous 

Items Needed for Possible Employment

  • Completion of on-line application
  • Resume
  • Salary Requirements
  • Salvation Testimony
  • Creation Belief Statement
  • Confirmation of agreement with the AiG Statement of Faith
  • Completion of a Background Check and Pre-Employment Check