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Job Details

Louisville - Louisville, KY
High School
$13.00 - $17.00 Hourly
Health Care

Job Summary

The Caregiver performs a wide variety of tasks as they relate to client activities of daily living. This position requires the care staff to be caring, attentive, and focused on the individualized needs and expectations of his/her client(s). The Caregiver will present a pleasant and helpful demeanor to clients, fellow employees and family members that they may come in contact with.

Essential Duties/Skills

  • The Caregiver shall provide daily care to and supervision of the client in a fashion typically extended from a caring family member to one of his/her own family members, including, but not limited to or by: the provision of a healthy physical environment, healthy food, dressing, hygiene, ambulation, transportation, physical and intellectual stimulation, and emotional guidance and support.
  • The Caregiver agrees, for the protection and benefit of the client, to abide by all federal and state laws and regulations with regard to clients and to perform services including but not limited to or by the following:
    • To be a companion and associate to the client;
    • To provide physical assistance and care for the client;
    • To protect the client from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and mistreatment and to provide guidance and support so that the client will remain as independent as possible
    • To provide the client with moral support and advice, and help the client work through problems, especially by being a good listener.
    • To make every effort to keep the home neat, clean and attractive i.e. free of unpleasant odors, clean bed linens, free of excess clutter.
    • To respect the clients right of privacy; right of free movement and access to the community; right to have personal property and possessions respected; and the right to be free from physical and mental abuse, mistreatment and harassment.
    • To participate in mandatory and other helpful training, Service Plan of Care (POC) meetings and other activities sponsored and/or arranged by Premier Caregiver Services.
    • To fully implement the goals and interventions outlined in the POC for the client.
  • To act in a professional manner by way of interactions with the client, his family, medical professionals, other staff, community citizens, neighborhood shopkeepers, community merchants, and representatives of medical facilities;
  • To work toward the development of an ongoing personal bond and relationship with the client;
  • To possess a properly insured, registered, and functioning motor vehicle and a valid state drivers license for the purpose of transporting the client to appointments, visits, community activities, therapies, or other necessary activities. The Caregiver is responsible for ensuring that transportation is available and provided when needed.
  • To store all medications in an appropriate manner (prescription and over-the-counter) and to follow all applicable Premier Caregiver Services medication reminder policies, procedures and regulations
  • Caregiver agrees that the assignment of the client is to be based upon the acceptance of such a Caregiver placement as determined by the clients Service Plan of Care (POC) and the Client and/or Client Representative;
  • The Caregiver agrees to work exclusively for Premier Caregiver Services with an accepted client and agrees not to accept a job offer to work directly with the client being served.
  • Other duties required as needed.


  • High School Diploma or GED (unless extensive experience is evident and/or Caregiver is attending a GED program).


  • No experience required, however, the Caregiver's rate of pay is based on experience and/or credentials.

Responsible to the Agency Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, and Care Manager

Physical Necessities & Exposure Risk

  • Significant physical work. Exposure to infectious disease and hazardous materials will be a potential risk of employment, requiring protective equipment and compliance with standard precautions.

Zero Drug/Alcohol Tolerance Policy

  • Incorporated by reference into this job summary are all provisions of the Caregiver Services of KY LLC, DBA Premier Caregiver Services Handbook, including, without limitations, Paragraph 7F and 7G, which specifically preclude the use of drugs and alcohol in any way while on the job or at any time or in any manner that might or would affect the undersigned's performance while on the job.