Taking Care of Business - Cleaning Ambassabor
Job Details
Main Location - PHILADELPHIA, PA
Part Time
$15.00 Hourly
General Labor
(TCB) Taking Care of Business Cleaning Ambassador

Position Summary:

Cleaning Ambassadors are part of a city-wide initiative titled, Taking Care of Business (TCB) which is a cleaning program designed to remove litter, trash, and debris from commercial corridors.  Cleaning Ambassadors engage with business owners and residents in a positive manner to share the importance of community beautification.  Cleaning Ambassadors are required to perform Essential Functions to ensure that the TCB Initiative is effective and successful in producing desired performance outcomes.

This position will work in the Community Development Department of Impact Services.  This is a part-time position. 

Essential Accountabilities:

Commercial Corridor Cleaning:

In a safe manner, use push brooms, shovels, hands, trash bags, and other tools and equipment to:

  • Clean sidewalks from the building/property line to the curb; at least 18 inches from curb to street
  • Clean all four corners of the intersection located at the end of the assigned cleaning route(s)
  • Clean at least twenty feet in along any secondary side streets intersecting with commercial area
  • Clean in alternating directions along the commercial corridor to ensure all areas are covered
  • Clean interior and exterior of planters and tree pits, removing all litter, debris, and weeds
  • Ensure that weeds grow no higher than 8 inches on all sidewalks along each route
  • Remove posters, stickers, and other debris from street fixtures including parking and traffic signs
  • Clean out cigarette butts and other debris from cracks in the sidewalks as well as the tree pits
  • Clean traffic islands owned by the City of Philadelphia that are within the commercial corridor area
  • Clean between newspaper distribution boxes and neatly rearrange these boxes at each intersection
  • Inform supervisor of graffiti, illegal dumping and sanitation violations to notify CLIP and/or Philly 311
  • Bag all trash, litter, and debris and place in designated location for sanitation collection
  • Perform other duties as assigned


Community Engagement

  • Share helpful information with business owners and residents to reduce short dumping and litter
  • Engage in brief conversations with business owners, residents, and the general public about the Taking Care of Business Initiative and benefits of community beautification
  • Report any feedback and/or perspectives shared by business owners and residents to management


 Workplace Professionalism:

  • Is respectful in all communications and behaviors; and has a positive attitude
  • Follow instructions, ask clarifying questions, and be open to constructive, developmental feedback
  • Communicate effectively and work well with others in a collaborative manner
  • Develop professionalism skills to get along with diverse people in the workplace and community
  • Wear assigned uniform, gear, and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for safety reasons
  • Take pride in one’s work and job performance
  • Address and resolve common workplace issues to maintain employment and develop professionally


Working Conditions:

Commercial corridor cleaning assignments may vary and include working outdoors in various climate and temperatures, including extreme cold weather, high heat, and humidity.  Work assignments center on performing cleaning tasks and functions in commercial corridors to assist with making Philadelphia a cleaner place to live, work, do business, and play.


Physical Requirements:

Cleaning assignments, while rewarding, require strenuous physical activity and stamina in difficult and challenging environments. Cleaning Ambassadors may be required to lift and carry 10 – 40 lbs. as well as stand and walk for long periods of time.


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