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Residency Program

Job Details



The Veritas Residency Program combines authentic ministry experience with high-level theological education. Each resident must attend Veritas School of Theology, accredited classes that provide twenty-one credit hours toward a master’s degree through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. You will also get to do significant ministry work and become more equipped for future ministry. The residents will attend all normal staff meetings and events throughout the program. You will also attend a weekly teacher meeting to develop preaching skills, and you will have monthly lunches with members of the Veritas executive team and department directors. Ultimately, we want our residents to mature as disciples, live as everyday missionaries, experience a Christ-centered community, and gain a healthy vision for what the local church could be.

What to Expect

The Residency Program is for recent college graduates (typically 22-26 years old) and is a 40 hours / week commitment that runs from mid/late May to the following April. You will work alongside a ministry department and their staff team. Theological education is prioritized while relational ministry work and being a part of a team will happen simultaneously. Focus areas: Kids, Youth, College, Worship, Sending and Communications (including graphic design, social media, writing, and/or video). Each resident will be compensated with a salary of $24,000 for the year, and enrollment in the Veritas School of Theology. Veritas will help arrange affordable housing for residents, if needed.

Application Process

Applications open November 1 and are due by January 15. Interviews with potential residents will be held in January/February. Residents will be selected and communicated with in March. The residency begins in mid/late May, concurrent with Veritas School of Theology. The residency ends April 30 of the following year.