PT 24 Hours Pharmacy Technician
Job Details
Livingston Hospital & Healthcare Services, Inc. - Salem, KY


Works under the direct supervision of the pharmacist at all times. Responsible for reading, interpreting and recording physician drug orders. Responsible for drug distribution throughout the hospital.


Under the supervision of Pharmacist, the technician performs these essential tasks:

1. Refills Pyxis per daily reports as directed.

2. Reconciles physician orders and ER Records, initiated after Pharmacy hours, against Pyxis reports.

3. Prepares invoices and orders drugs when necessary. Receives medications, adds new inventory to formulary as directed, and stocks medication in proper location in pharmacy.

4. Prepares unit dose medication labels on computer.

5. Checks narcotic supply on each cart daily and restocks properly.

6. Answers phone, picks up mail and other duties assigned by Pharmacist.

7. Dusts shelves, removes garbage and other light housekeeping chores in Pharmacy.

8. Checks expiration dates on all medication stocked in the hospital.

9. Attends all in-services as required by hospital policy and procedure.

10. Fill orders and generates requisitions for satellite clinics.

11. Assists in collecting data for quality improvement reports.

12. Assists in completing annual inventory.

13. Performs monthly 340b internal audits.

14. Completes monthly assigned duties, such as verification of outdates, insulin checks, etc.

15. Is responsible for stocking, outdates, and maintenance of IV fluids on nursing units.

16. Performs other duties as assigned by Chief Pharmacy Tech and Pharmacist.


High School Graduate.
Applicant must be sufficiently literate to perform all duties associated with position.

Vocational school or on-the-job training in the medical field with experience in medical terminology, computer skills and some basic knowledge of drugs and dosages.

Applicant must be willing to learn a wide variety of material.

Minimum required age of 18 years.

Hearing and speech must be adequate to communicate effectively and efficiently with
co-workers, the general public and in using the telephone.

This is a highly mobile position and any mobility restriction would be counterproductive to
this position.

Vision Acuity:
Must be sufficient to read all notices, procedural instructions and computer images.

The ability to deal with co-workers and the public is a necessity.

Must be able to keep information confidential and be a trustworthy reliable person committed to total quality improvement.


Pharmacy Technician Certification preferred.
Preference given for one year experience in a hospital pharmacy.


Moderate physical exertion, lifting 25 pounds or less is routine.
Job tasks require a lot of walking, some climbing and stooping and long periods of standing.
Work is performed in a controlled environment.

See Job Description.