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Substitute Teacher

Job Details

Eden Prairie Campus - EDEN PRAIRIE, MN


The Grace Beginnings Substitute will support the Grace Beginnings Director and classroom teacher with the support of the classroom needs.

  • Support the classroom teacher(s) in the event of a teachers absence by carrying out program policies and procedures throughout the course of a day
  • Support the educational experiences in the infant/toddler classrooms as directed by the classroom teacher which demonstrates an understanding of curriculum and faith development goals
  • Facilitate the completion of all the required documentation of daily activities for parents
  • Establish and maintain effective communication strategies with the Director and classroom teacher
  • Follow the directives of the classroom teacher to maintain high standards in the classroom and provide a safe environment for the children
  • Assist the classroom teacher to maintain a safe, clean, organized classroom and assume the responsibility to complete the duties required to maintain an orderly facility
  • Treat each child and family with dignity and respect
  • Organize books, toys, crafts, and other items in the classroom as time allows
  • Approach child behavioral issues that arise with Christian love, respect and patience
  • Exhibit Christian values to generate goodwill among management, staff, clients, the general community and others pertinent to Grace Beginnings
  • Regular, consistent, and punctual attendance is an essential requirement of this position
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Educational requirements: High School Diploma, Equivalent, or Higher Educational Level
  • Experience required: 12 post-secondary quarter credits in Education or a related field, plus 2,080 hours as an aide working in a childcare facility
  • Knowledge of the Bible and faith development of Infant and Toddler children
  • Has a commitment to prayer, as evidenced in both corporate and personal prayer
  • Exhibits a meaningful and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as evidenced by the manifestation of the fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • Exhibits a lifestyle appropriate to a person in public Christian ministry by conducting life with the utmost integrity in all situations