Social Worker
Job Details
Lincoln Meadows - Parker, CO
Full Time
Graduate Degree
$40,000.00 - $55,000.00 Salary/year

American Academy (AA) is accepting applications for a full-time social worker for the 2021-22 school year. The social worker will provide comprehensive school social work services to parents, students and school staff, addressing barriers that limit a student from receiving full benefit from their educational experience. In addition, he/she will serve students who require universal, targeted, and intensive intervention across special education and general education populations.

Candidates should have demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to enhance the interconnectedness of home, school, community, and student academic, social, behavior, and emotional success. They must be able to support and establish a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students in order to: alleviate barriers to learning, engage students as individuals with unique interests and strengths, and promote student success at the student’s developmental level. 


High-Level Responsibilities of a School Social Worker:

  • Effectively and appropriately assess and address the needs, characteristics, and interactions of students, families, school personnel, and community
  • Serve on student support teams and work with special education staff and students
  • Analyze information gained through record reviews, assessments, evaluations, and interviews to determine needs of students
  • Provide individual and/or group counseling to students as determined by their needs and as a response to school-wide crises
  • Effectively plans, implements, and evaluates programs that promote student and family success
  • Advocates for appropriate services for students and their families
  • Consults and collaborates with stakeholders on behalf of students and their families


Level-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Conducts assessments and evaluations in accordance with to RTI and special education processes
  • Provide direct mental health services for students
  • Uses student, family, and school assessment results to identify needs that affect student learning
  • Provides services to students in ways that build upon individual strengths and offers students maximum opportunities to participate in the planning and direction of their own learning experiences


Level-Specific Responsibilities Continued:

  • Advocates and facilitates change that effectively responds to the needs of students, families, and the school systems
  • Assists students and their families in gaining access to formal and informal community resources
  • Consults on such issues as attendance, diversity, mental health, behavior managements, delinquency, crisis intervention, homelessness, child abuse, neglect, and the importance of confidentiality
  • Assists the school and community in planning programs that alleviate situations that may interfere with the learning process of students
  • Maintains accurate case records and documentation
  • Maintains current knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations and abides by said laws and regulations with emphasis on persons with disabilities, child welfare, mental health, confidentiality, and student and parent rights




  • Master’s degree in related field
  • Strong familiarity with state laws and state-mandated reporting procedures
  • CDE Professional Service Provider License with endorsements in Social Work
  • Vision for developing a high functioning special education team
  • Report out and disaggregate student data and progress
  • Strong communication skills
  • Polished professional appearan