Job Details
Main Location - Los Angeles, CA


Responsibilities include providing support which directly assists in the growing of ATI’s sales portfolio, consisting of International Customers.  Managing manufacturer information ensuring customer accounts are up to date including creating/updating price lists, managing sell sheets and product information, and updating manufacturer sales and logistics information.  Oversee transaction and sales export documentation for orders. 

Positive attitude, Dependable and punctual attendance record, Respectful of company time and property, able to communicate openly and freely about work product and issues.  Open to receiving constructive criticism while learning new skills. Able to competently perform primary job functions using company resources as provided.  Standard User with fundamental understanding of SAP software and other company approved software(s) and technology.   Able to present one’s self verbally with a poised and accurate description of role within the company. Written skills should include correct English grammar usage and punctuation.  Employee should be pleasant and approachable on all issues.  Employee should understand the base corporate values of ATI and be in line with the core beliefs of the company for how customers and suppliers should be treated.  Software User Level(S) Skilled



  • Hungry for learning and trying new ideas
  • Inquisitive
  • Driven for success and to complete tasks timely, completely and accurately
  • Able to work independently with limited supervision
  • Self-motivated and have a passion for international sales
  • Strong command of verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong time management and follow-up skills
  • Be detail-oriented and have a sense of urgency
  • Able to handle multiple complex issues simultaneously without failure
  • Able to stop mid-stream on one issue/action to redirect to another more immediate concern, stabilize it or complete it, then return to original issue/action and complete it successfully
  • Ability to convey a message (good or bad) to a receptive or non-receptive audience
  • Knows how to prepare and convey your ideas appropriately and successfully to accomplish your goals; inter and intra-company
  • Understands diplomacy, and how to build rapport
  • Have solid business acumen.  Understands and can apply the ability to calculate revenue, less top line expenses (cost of goods sold) = gross profit, less bottom line expenses = net profit
  • Knows how to conduct market research and apply findings from research into an executable plan
  • Knows how to be successful within a matrix environment and or managing parallel or up to achieve desired results
  • Promotes Customer advocacy while understanding the Companies need for minimization of operational expense and the need for profitability
  • Be a master of change



Account Management and Business Development

  • As guided by the Account Manager, develop new leads as assigned into new sales opportunities.
  • With the support of the Account Manager(s) develop an understanding and document within SAP the assigned customer/target group (Accounts) needs and market requirements and be able to identify opportunities based on analysis and understanding of market.
  • Understand basic functions of all departments at ATI and how they work together.
  • Understand basic logistics and export documentations requirements and procedures as executed at ATI.
  • Must have an extensive knowledge of assigned accounts and manufacturers assigned and all products in their portfolio, especially products sold by ATI.
  • Must be able to create and conduct a new product presentation.
  • Be Customer focused by providing excellent Customer service to ATI Customers, routinely following up on items and issues.
  • Be the Customer advocate to Company
  • Work as a liaison for the Customer and the AM between all other ATI Departments.
  • Be proactive versus reactive to Customer regarding requests of action or information. Keeping the Account Manager informed.
  • Must respond within 24 hours to emails from customers and manufacturers regarding requests for information or action. If the requested information is not available provide the Customer with an expectation of when a response will be provided. Set task reminders and follow-up timely by the time identified with any and all information available, repeat actions if necessary.
  • Provide direct support to assigned Account Manager(s) to assist in the growth of sales of ATI portfolio by expanding Customer(s) purchasing diversity and activity.
  • Enter “Leads”, “Accounts” and “Opportunities” into SAP as directed.
  • Request and sending samples.
  • New Items: Enter “Lead”, “Account” and “Opportunity” into SAP.
  • New Items: With Account Manager guidance, price out goods to the customer to the extent the market will allow. Review customer history of previously purchased items and in-market and near market pricing of same or similar product to establish a sale price = FOB MNF + Freight Cost + Margin.
  • New Items: Create P&L to calculate Profit Margin based on CNF, surpass minimal % requirements
  • New Items: Customer accepts price, Enter Sales Order’s into SAP, Create ProForma and present to Customer
  • Using SAP be able to analyze Customer purchasing trends, view Customer history with ATI including sales, ranges taken, discontinued items (know why, and if item was replaced and with what), working with the Account Manager, always have a plan/replacement for discontinued items as well as plan/direction for expansion of items taken.
  • Pull Opportunity Report to monitor and update each ‘Opportunity’ frequently, as needed with updates.
  • With Account Manager support, analyze and evaluate market trends to more accurately offer new items to customers. 
  • Assist the AM to provide price quotes to Customers on New Items as well as current items for which updated pricing is needed.
  • Monitor all Customer activity, and Orders. Highlighting to the appropriate ATI Department any Customer concerns or potential disruptions which may negatively impact Customer expectations. Marshalling all resources necessary to satisfy or respond to the concern.
  • Coordinator will push account information to AM’s and keep AM’s informed of:
  • Recognized trends
  • Non-standard customer requests
  • Market trends
  • Transportation related concerns/updates
  • Coordinators will assist in the production of Customer Analysis reports/score cards.
  • Making sure Customer information in SharePoint and SAP is up-to-date.  Report any discrepancies in SAP (especially pricing issues) to appropriate parties.
  • Be able to move forward with opportunities by managing-up.  
  • Be proactive and working with the Account Manager, to provide information to the Customer regarding order history by product, which details optimum re-order time based on Customer consumption rate and ‘current’ manufacture lead time.


Order Structure/Product Registration/Product Documentation

  • Be attentive to the internal ATI Departments needs and respond timely and accurately to their requests. 
  • Provide support on product documentation creation to move forward new business for Customer product range expansion.
  • Create Customer price quotes as requested, present to AM for approval and submission to Customer. Once reviewed and approved, save to SharePoint. 
  • Be able to maximize the profitability of every order the Trade Coordinator by conducting a full analysis of the order to assure optimization of routing while minimizing overall costs.  Analysis includes: different FOB locations, analyzing routing, analyzing best consolidation point, basic awareness of uncontrollable issues (example: shipping considerations for weather conditions effecting quality, port congestion, strikes, manufacturer lead times, seasonal buy times, etc.).
  • Conduct cost and item analysis/comparisons per customer or AM requests of items within current ATI portfolio, and externally if needed.
  • Put together different types of orders – LCL, FCL, FTL, LTL, consolidations, air shipments etc.
  • New Items: Request Freight Rates from Logistics Department to determine CNF price to customer, Create P&L using system generated form = FOB + Margin + Freight Costs + Label + Operational Expense.
  • Create sales order for new items purchased by customers and after Pro Forma is signed, give to Purchasing for order placement.
  • Request/Create/Prepare documents and assist in the registration of New Items (as needed) as well as for current items, with the destination Country’s appropriate governmental bodies. 
  • As needed prepare “material upload” docs for Purchasing for SAP entry
  • Support Account Manager in assembling product specifications for Customer product registration.


Trade Events

  • Assist in the preparations before trade shows, trade missions and market visits.  Assist with post-show/mission/visit follow ups and action points.
  • Support pre-show preparation, show execution, and all post-show follow up for trade show and trade events attended by Account Manager. 



  • Have an extensive knowledge of ATI’s manufacturers, their brands and items as well as staying up-to-date with any changes and make sure they are communicated to the Customers immediately.
  • As Customer needs dictate, review SAP for information on manufacturers and by working with the Marketing Department and Purchasing Department for needs of existing Customers and/or opportunities, update SAP with any new information and report to Account Manager findings.
  • Negotiate with Manufacturers under direction of Account Manager (for lower prices, discounts, price increase extensions, etc.) Update SAP and advise Purchasing of any changes or updates.
  • Be knowledgeable of all sales numbers for manufacturers used in Customer portfolio of products sold, knowing if they are up or down in sales, assist the Account Manager in driving business to improve performance over the previous year.
  • Routinely report to and ensure follow up with manufacturer (example: after trade events) to give performance updates, etc. on Customer interest in products.
  • Be constantly aware of the ‘current’ lead times by manufacturers that produce items for Customers you support and be able to provide to Customer as requested or as needed.
  • Working with the Account Manager, analyze market trends for managed manufacturers offering suggestions where the company should offer the brand based on market analysis of customers assigned.


Product Development: (As needed)

  • Work closely with and support the Marketing and Private Label Departments in the creation of private labels, and interactions with Manufacturers
  • If necessary, assist Private Label Department by requesting quote from MNF’s recommended printer for label printing; minimal order count and four colors
  • By AM direction, Price out total costs to Customer: FOB Product + Label + Freight + Profit
  • Once Pricing is approved, request Die Line, ingredients, and nutritional facts from MNF
  • Request from Customer and review Customer country requirements for ingredient declarations, request such information from MNF
  • Request from Customer for any special requirements on label, provides such information to the MNF
  • Provide all gathered information to the Label Designer to create label
  • Review label proof for ‘major’ errors; send to Customer for review and approval
  • If approved, Coordinator requests high-resolution files from Designer (or Customer) and saves files in Customer Folder
  • Pass link to Customer Folder with all Customer email correspondence re: label to Private Label Department

Other duties

  • Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.