Nursing Supervisor 7a-7p and 7p-7a
Job Details
Caldwell Medical Center - PRINCETON, KY
Night Nursing Supervisor

JOB TITLE:           Nursing  Supervisor 7a-7p and  7p-7a


REPORTS TO:     Director of Nursing

SUPERVISES:      RNs, LPNs, Nurse Aides and Unit Secretaries on all Nursing Units


  • Consistently demonstrates strong leadership qualities and serves as a clinical and professional role model for other personnel throughout the facility
  • Actively participates in hospital activities aimed at achieving the mission and vision of Caldwell Medical Center and the Department of Nursing
  • Is accountable for and ensures the delivery of consistently high-quality nursing care in all nursing departments
  •  Is accountable for the ongoing management and direct oversight of all nursing departments
  •  Is accountable for the effective, efficient and safe operations of the nursing units ensuring that the objectives of the Nursing department and the organization are being met
  • Ensures appropriate organizational and patient safety practices are in use
  • Promotes good public relations through contacts with patients, practitioners, visitors, employees, peers and the public at large
  • Utilizes good interpersonal skills and strives to achieve growth in management, leadership, nursing knowledge and skills
  • Maintains and ensures confidentiality of patient information
  • Fills clinical shifts as necessary; takes call as necessary and has the capability to work in Med/Surg; SCU and the Emergency Department




  1. Displays positive professional attitude and behavior and portrays this to our customers at all times.
  2. Provides direct oversight and management of the Nursing Units.  Ensures nursing related tasks are being completed in a safe, competent, appropriate and timely manner. 
  3. Monitors and ensures complete and adequate documentation and record keeping by the Nursing Staff. 
  4. Ensures a safe and accurate medication administration process is being adhered to by the Nursing Staff.  Works closely with the Staff Nurses to accomplish these tasks. 
  5. Organizes, directs and coordinates functions and activities on the Nursing Units. 
  6. Objectively evaluates staff performance related to patient care and gives directives for corrective action.   
  7. Provides timely/ongoing feedback to employees in a professional manner concerning their job performance.  Objectively completes employee performance appraisals and disciplinary actions as necessary and in a timely manner. 
  8. Provides / arranges for re-education of staff as necessary to correct knowledge/practice deficiencies.
  9. Coordinates training and orienting of new departmental staff as needed.  Works closely with the Staff Nurses to ensure that new staff members receive adequate instruction/training when assigned to preceptors within the department.  Provides training as necessary to new and existing employees.
  10. Creates and maintains established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, quality improvement program, safety, environmental and infection control standards.  Ensures staff compliance with these standards. 
  11. Maintains departmental reports and records and collects statistical data for administrative and regulatory purposes. 
  12. Performs chart audits for the purpose of documentation review and charge accuracy.  Reports findings in a standardized manner on a regular and ongoing basis.  Takes action to correct deficiencies found during chart audits.
  13. Establishes and implements unit specific goals and objectives in keeping with overall nursing and organizational goals and objectives. 
  14. Establishes and maintains adequate and effective communication between the nursing units and ancillary departments for the purpose of problem solving and improved patient care processes.  Utilizes appropriate lines of communication within the organization. 
  15. Acts as a resource person to the nursing staff and provides appropriate, professional and timely feedback concerning their performance. 
  16. Demonstrates proficiency in utilizing the EMR; medication dispensing system and other systems that directly impact our overall ability to provide consistently high-quality patient care. Demonstrates the ability to train others to effectively utilize these systems.
  17. Ensures that appropriate nursing standards and practices are met. 
  18. Develops and maintains a master nursing schedule, approves schedule changes, approves/disapproves requests for time off and vacations.  Utilizes established guidelines for granting/denying requested time off and schedule restrictions (number of allowable days off at a given time, etc).  Demonstrates a high degree in overall fairness when developing and implementing a schedule for themselves and others.
  19. Assures daily staffing is within budget according to established staffing plans.
  20. Assists in developing the nursing departmental budgets.  Utilizes the budget to effectively manage supplies and labor. 
  21. Prepares/finalizes biweekly payroll with a high degree of accuracy.  Consistently impresses upon the nursing staff the importance of accurate/complete payroll entries.
  22. Documents and justifies the need for new/additional equipment. 
  23. Acts as liaison between personnel, Administration, Medical Staff and other department’s managers. 
  24. Consistently demonstrates professional behavior and image to patients, families, staff members, practitioners and others. 
  25. Attends required meetings and actively participates on nursing and organization wide committees. Attends administrative level meetings as required or requested.   
  26. Promotes and ensures professional staff development.  Ensures adequate ongoing communication with the nursing staff for the upward and downward dissemination of information. 
  27. Plans, develops and conducts meetings or presentations as requested or required.
  28. Consistently interacts with others (on the phone or in person) in a positive, professional and appropriate manner.
  29. Works cooperatively with others.  Have respect for and an understanding of the contributions of all team members.
  30. Communicates with the Director of Nursing. on a regular and ongoing basis concerning the overall operation and function of the various nursing units. 
  31. Proactively offers suggestions for the improvement of processes and overall patient care.  Implements changes as directed in a timely manner. 
  32. Promotes and ensures a safe environment that allows for the delivery of high-quality patient care. 
  33. Protects patient and organizational (hospital business) confidentiality by practicing, promoting and enforcing appropriate staff communication practices. 
  34. Consistently monitors and ensures compliance with policies, procedures, regulations, and standards and takes corrective action when violations occur. 
  35. Ensures practitioner orders are carried out using sound nursing judgment.   Monitors alerts; nurse order entry and other EMR components to assist with minimizing / eliminating the potential for errors reaching the patient.
  36. Provides direct patient care as necessary and evaluates outcomes.  Consults with others as required and adjusts nursing care processes as indicated to ensure optimal patient care and patient outcomes. Assists staff members with this process as well.
  37. Documents adequately and appropriately.  Ensures that documentation reflects current patient status, changes in patient status, care and treatment planned and currently being rendered, patient response to treatment and care, etc.  Assures the same by staff nurses.
  38. May be required to assist in staffing emergencies by assuming the role of Staff Nurse and demonstrates the ability to adequately function in all of the nursing units.
  39. Assesses patient and family needs.  Ensures adequate patient care based on patient needs by performing and/or appropriately delegating tasks as required.  Follows up with delegated tasks to assure completion as delegated.
  40. Works shifts as scheduled with a high degree of dependability and reliability.  Takes “call” for both clinical areas and Supervisory/Administrative duties and works non-scheduled shifts.  Attends meetings as necessary as dictated by the role of House Supervisor.
  41. Performs duties as assigned by the Director of Nursing . with a high degree of accuracy and timeliness. 
  42. Performs other duties as assigned



Associate Degree RN licensed to practice in the State of Kentucky with an unencumbered nursing license


Two to three years of nursing experience


Three to five years of varied hospital based nursing experience with previous supervisory/management experience


  • Excellent human relations and strong, professional oral/written communication skills. 
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills. 
  • Must have adequate knowledge, skills necessary and the ability and willingness to lead and direct others. 
  • Must be able to function independently with minimal oversight and supervision. 
  • Must have sound judgment and decision making abilities. 
  • Must be self motivated, and have the ability to prioritize and complete tasks/assignments within given time frames. 
  • Must have the ability to tactfully confront others and effectively correct undesirable behaviors.