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Outreach Coordinator

Job Details

Westchester Lower School - WHITE PLAINS, NY


Outreach Coordinator - The Windward Institute

The Windward institute is looking for a strategic thinker able to partner with a dedicated team to share the work of The Windward Institute and The Windward School with larger audiences to increase literacy rates for all students and meet the specific needs of students with reading challenges. Applicants must support the development and implementation of Windward Institute program initiatives and have a vision for increasing community visibility, establishing partnerships, identifying and securing grant awards, and elevating the work of The Windward Institute.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support the Director of The Windward institute in establishing strategic partnerships with schools, educational institutions and professionals, and community and parent organizations to advocate for and establish evidence-based instructional practices for all students and evidence-based reading interventions for students with reading challenges

  • Research grant funding opportunities, develop grant funding strategies, and draft grant proposals that will elevate and expand the reach of existing and future Windward Institute programs

  • Conduct research on potential Windward Institute programming for schools, districts, and community and parent organizations; organize and present outreach initiative data

  • Support the development of program proposals that promote greater student achievement across a range of potential sectors while expanding The Windward School's reputation and expertise; support logistical planning and implementation

  • Identify and support the development of community-based parent education outreach opportunities

  • Maintain spreadsheets detailing outreach and grant/sponsorship efforts including contact information, dates of communication, and budgetary data; Prepare periodic reports

  • Support and help expand existing outreach programs including reading screenings, tutoring programs, and Saturday School

  • Recruit participants in Windward Institute programs, events, professional development offerings, and other activities

  • Plan and execute Windward Institute engagement events and manage ongoing follow up

  • Support research partnerships associated with The Windward Institute and The Windward School and related logistical responsibilities

  • Identify and help coordinate partnerships for practicum opportunities

  • Support the development and logistical aspects of informational presentations to educational organizations, community and civic groups, parent leagues, etc.

  • Represent The Windward Institute at community and educational events to increase awareness and visibility of programs and expand interest

  • Assist with special projects and events related to Windward Institute initiatives and programs

  • Support the development of outreach-related content for website, newsletter, social media, YouTube, and Windward Institute publications

  • Support the Director of The Windward institute in promoting all aspects of The Windward institute.

  • Additional duties as assigned by the Director of The Windward Institute

Specific Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • A minimum of three years of experience in outreach, community or nonprofit development, or related field. Education industry knowledge and school, district, or education-based outreach and engagement experience strongly preferred

  • Demonstrated success in researching, developing, writing, and submitting competitive grant proposals

  • Cultural competence and the ability to work well with diverse constituent groups

  • Strong research, planning, and project management skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (sample required)

  • Commitment to childhood literacy and the mission of The Windward Institute

  • Ability to work collegially within a team to achieve mission-critical objectives

  • Flexibility to work additional hours, including evenings and weekends, and travel off-site

The Windward School’s Mission

Windward is a coeducational, independent day school dedicated to providing a proven instructional program for children with language-based learning disabilities. The multisensory curriculum is designed for students of average to superior intelligence who can benefit from the unique educational experience provided. Through direct instruction in small class settings, a trained staff assists students to improve their language skills. Academic success, combined with opportunities for social and emotional growth within an intentionally diverse and inclusive setting, enables students to understand their learning differences, build confidence, and develop self-advocacy skills. Windward is committed to helping students achieve their full potential in preparation for a successful return to a mainstream educational environment. To meet these goals, the School provides ongoing training to its faculty based on the most current research and shares its expertise with the parent body, other educators, and the broader community

The Windward School’s Vision

A world where every child with a language-based learning disability is empowered to achieve unlimited success.

The Windward Institute

The Windward Institute is a division of and serves The Windward School and the broader education community by:

  • Providing professional development

  • Forming partnerships with leading education institutions

  • Advocating for students with language-based learning disabilities

  • Expanding The Windward School's reputation and expertise

The Windward Institute’s Mission

To increase childhood literacy rates by disrupting the educational status quo.