Senior Research Associate
Job Details
Austin, TX - Austin, TX
Full Time
Master's Degree
Product Development

Asuragen is seeking an outstanding Master’s degree-level scientist to join our Product Development group charged with developing and launching cutting-edge molecular assays spanning inherited genetic disease and cancer testing. This role will support new product initiatives to enable novel, multiplexed-PCR technologies that can resolve multiple classes of DNA and RNA markers through integration of reagents, instrumentation, analysis algorithms and software. This position will support mid to late-stage product development, including activities such as prototype optimization, guardbanding, design lock, verification, validation, and design transfer.

 What You’ll Do

  • Gain understanding of various types of disease-causing genetic variations and support design and characterization of complex assays used in their detection
  • Apply novel amplification methods, including multiplexed PCR or related techniques, for the sensitive detection or quantification of multimodal biomarkers in clinical specimens
  • Prepare and/or contribute to protocols, presentations, standard operating procedures, validation procedures, and technical reports to support lab infrastructure, new product initiatives, and on-market product investigations
  • Train and mentor co-workers on equipment and procedures and lead data analysis and interpretation
  • Provide substantial, high-quality contributions to projects by working independently, communicating effectively within team and cross-functionally, and leveraging the active support of others
  • Organize, analyze, and/or visualize molecular datasets using analytical software and statistical comparisons
  • Lead and contribute to design and execution of experimental plans or processes to support objectives within the organization
  • Apply scientific methods and process design principles to improve product development and manufacturing processe

 Who You Are & What You Bring

  • A Master’s degree (or equivalent Bachelor degree plus relevant experience) in biology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, or related field
  • Prior demonstrated experience implementing, running and supporting PCR-based workflows using a requirements-driven, risk-based approach within the biotech industry or clinical laboratory.
  • A strong track record of independence, productivity and creative problem-solving
  • Expertise in one or more technology areas and considered a resource by colleagues to develop similar skills
  • Demonstrated ability to independently design and implement experimental plans or processes to support objectives within the organization
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail
  • A passion for improving patient care through diagnostic technologies, particularly in genetics and oncology