Donor Referral Coordinator -- Tissue
Job Details
Headquarters - Pittsburgh, PA


The position of Donor Referral Coordinator for the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) is one of moderate responsibility.  He/She is responsible for receiving and screening referrals from hospitals for potential organ, tissue and eye donors; mobilizing the recovery teams; coordinating the organ procurement for fly-outs; and placing organs at transplant hospitals.  He/She is responsible for functioning as a designated requestor for tissue/eye donation in CORE’s DSA. 


The Donor Referral Coordinator reports to CORE’s Manager, Donor Referral Services. When involved in donor activity, however, the Donor Referral Coordinator works under the direction of the Administrator on Call. 


Tissue Coordinator: Responsible for obtaining information on potential post-mortem tissue and eye donors, primarily from CORE’s region, but also throughout the United States and Canada.  He/She will make necessary arrangements to begin the donation and/or recovery process.  He/She is responsible for functioning as a designated requestor in CORE’s DSA and providing the option of tissue and/or eye donation to families of tissue/eye donors. He/She will be responsible for data entry and transcription.  He/She will be responsible for recognizing normal and abnormal lab values.  He/She will need to have sound computer knowledge and application.  He/She will be responsible for knowing, and working within, CORE policies and procedures.  He/She will be evaluated on performance standards and measured against monthly goal objectives.

Donor Referral Coordinator must be available to work both daylight and night shifts. The shifts and schedule are determined based on the needs of the organization.

If a Donor Referral Coordinator is on vacation, the other Donor Referral Coordinators  may be called upon to work the shift.



The Donor Referral Coordinator should have some type of medical background, with at least one year experience in a health-related field.  He/She must have strong communication skills, sound judgment, excellent verbal skills and the ability to interact with a diverse public and healthcare population.  He/She also must be able to manage well multiple tasks in what can be an active environment.  He/She must demonstrate a professional commitment to donation and CORE’s ability to achieve its mission.  He/She must have the ability to work flexible hours.  Shift work is expected.  He/She must complete an extensive six-month training.




The degree of difficulty for this job falls into the moderate range.  Because of the nature of the information translated to the transplant and donor hospitals, the need for accuracy is critical.  Though there are built-in levels of communication and safeguards to prevent inadvertent errors or mistakes that could result in the death of a transplant recipient, attention to details gained through reflective listening is paramount.





In accordance with the rule issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the successful candidate will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless a medical and/or religious exemption is approved.


CORE is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO), dedicated to building a work culture of integrity, compassion, and respect. As an EEO employer, we support an inclusive workplace where all can excel based on their merit, qualifications, experience, and job performance. We do not discriminate, tolerate harassment, or condone retaliation of any kind.

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