Client Success Manager
Job Details
Fully Remote
Full Time

Team Overview

The Client Success Team ensures our clients maximize the value they receive from using
Practifi from the moment they sign up with us, through the entirety of our business
relationship. We invest deeply in long term, proactive client success because the cost
benefit analysis shows company success relies on retention, growth and referrals.
The team comprises three key areas: 


Client Success Managers achieve their goals by creating deep partnerships with key
business stakeholders and helping clients maximize the adoption of our software into key
business processes.


Client Success Managers are a critical driver in client retention and growth which directly
attributes to our key business metrics of Annual Revenue Retention and Net Revenue
Retention. CSMs are also responsible for positive CSAT scores which are directly tied to
renewal and upsell opportunities. These metrics are tied directly to our business metrics
including cost of acquisition, retention and churn.


Position Overview

Client Success Managers are an integral part of the Practifi team, supporting existing clients
and creating brand advocates. They are strategic advisors focused on the ongoing success
of their clients by ensuring maximum value is achieved from integrating Practifi into their



  • You own Client outcomes from onboarding completion to the ongoing renewal process and everything in between
  • CSMs contribute to the business bottom line by growing recurring revenue, number of seats and number of clients through our number one sales source - client referrals
  • Become a trusted advisor - Your clients see you as a source for referrals, recommendations and best practice within Practifi and the broader ecosystem
  • You understand your clients business deeply and offer consultation from an industry perspective.


Personal Success Criteria

  • Accurate Client Record

You keep the following up to date in BIZ on a weekly basis:

  • Client stage, onboarding duration, marketing communication preferences, tracking meaningful interactions, (meetings, calls, reviews & training) as well as key integrations
  • Important updates around the health of the client and likelihood to renew
  • Maintain Client Success Tab and Account Plans for all eligible clients


  • Proactive Customer Success

Business Review for Strategic Clients

  • Schedule and deliver proactive semi-annual business reviews for any eligible strategic clients
  • Non-strategic growth clients receive less formal proactive updates. This includes invites to group sessions with clients of similar needs & sizes
  • Drive best practice strategies in an efficient way for lower touch clients through less frequent but personalised messaging and close coordination with support and marketing


  • Trusted Adviser Relationship

Youve built trust with your clients and they regularly come to you for advice around;
Other technology providers & integrations, best practices within Practifi, connect
with other clients and industry updates.
You regularly:

  • Bring in SMEs from Practifi in for strategic meetings for topics that are beyond support discussions
  • Regularly have honest conversations with your clients around best practices, say no when appropriate, and set proper expectations
  • Do the right thing, even when it is not what your clients are asking for or think they need


Key Metrics

  • NRR, Churn, and Add-on Product targets will be individually assigned in relation to your book of clients.
  • Consideration will include client segmentation, total potential seats, and expansion opportunities
  • Resource utilisation against cost to serve targets
  • Team feedback through 360 reviews
  • Maintain CSat scores (post onboarding) of 8 and above at all client sites
  • Contributions toward Client Success 2021 Strategic Initiatives and 2021 Business Initiatives


CSAT Score & Advocacy

  • Maintain an Average CSAT amongst all clients of 8 or above (>3 months post onboarding)
  • Develop strategies for CSM/CSA NPS improvement and maintenance inline with Account Plans
  • Solicit and maintain Client Advocacy rates at 25% of total client book (for any eligible clients >6 months post onboarding)
  • Provide referrals to marketing for advocacy opportunities in BIZ


We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration
for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity
or expression, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability status, genetic information,
protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.