Job Details
Caribou Medical Center - SODA SPRINGS, ID
$13.62 - $17.25 Hourly
CNA- Acute Care

Provides direct and indirect patient care activities under the direction of the charge nurse.  Assists patients with activities of daily living, provides for personal care, comfort and assists in the maintenance of a safe and clean environment for assigned patients.

Core Responsibilities
1. Direct Patient Care Responsibilities

  1. Assists in the preparation for admission of patients.
  2. Assists in and accompanies patients in the admission, transfer and discharge procedures.
  3. Assists patients with morning cares, which may include bed bath, shower or whirlpool, oral hygiene, combing hair, back care, dressing, changing bed linen, cleaning over-bed table and bedside stand, straightening room and other general care as necessary throughout the day.
  4. Assists patients with evening care which includes bath or shower, hand/face washing as needed, oral hygiene, back rubs, peri-care, freshening linen, cleaning over-bed tables, straightening room and other general care as needed.
  5. Obtains and records vital signs.  Promptly reports abnormalities to the charge nurse.
  6. Records intake/output.
  7. Weighs and records the patient’s weight as directed.
  8. Recognizes a patient in pain and notifies charge nurse.
  9. Recognizes and assists patients in need of assistance.
  10. Shares patient information with team members to aid in the development of the nursing care plan for consistency and quality of care.
  11. Delivers meal trays and assists the patient as needed with setting up tray and eating.  Serves snacks, beverages and ice water as allowed by the patient’s diet.
  12. Helps feed patients who need assistance.
  13. Changes linens daily.
  14. Assists patients with toileting as needed.
  15. Maintains clean commodes, urinals, and bedpans.
  16. Assist patients in maintaining good body alignment with adequate exercises and range of motion.
  17. Turns and positions patients who need assistance.  Lift and turn with proper and safe body mechanics and with available resources.
  18. Checks skin for reddened areas or breakdown and reports to charge nurse.
  19. Anticipate patient needs.


2. General Patient Care Responsibilities

  1. Assist patients with ambulation and use of the gait belt as appropriate.
  2. Obtains assignment list from charge nurse and completes all duties on assignment list.
  3. Communicates with others regarding the status of assigned tasks.
  4. Answers the telephone when the ward clerk is not available.
  5. Straightens and tidies resident rooms on an ongoing basis throughout the day.
  6. Make rounds with outgoing/incoming shift to assure all assignments and cares are completed. 
  7. Review patient care plans daily.
  8. Practices infection control and patient safety.
  9. Practices standard/universal precautions at all times.
  10. Provide dignity and comfort to the dying patient.  Keep them clean, report pain, reposition, etc. Provide postmortem care.
  11. Treat patients and family with respect and dignity.
  12. Answers resident’s call lights, anticipate patient’s needs and make rounds.
  13. Report any changes observed in condition or behavior of patients and unusual incidents.


3. Indirect patient/Resident Care Responsibilities

  1. Cleans the utility room, dietary kitchen, and refrigerators as needed/scheduled.
  2. Cleans the rooms of discharged patients and notifies housekeeping when the room is ready for cleaning.
  3. Maintains a comfortable environment free from soiled linens, beds, clothing, and any other factors that interferes with the proper care of a patient.
  4. Assures that the patient’s environment is clean and safe.  Provides protection from accident or injury i.e., clean up spills, etc.
  5. Properly use mechanical lifts as needed.

4. Other Duties as Assigned. Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for their job.  Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.

General Responsibilities

  1. Completes required education/skill/competencies.
  2. Attends and actively participates in interdepartmental meetings/education/competencies.  Actively participates by giving constructive input.
  3. Refers to and follows policies and procedures.
  4. Participates in the development and attainment of departmental goals.
  5. Contributes to the overall functioning of CMC and the department by assisting where and when needed.  Functions as a positive team player.
  6. Maintains a clean, safe working environment.
  7. Assists in QI/QA as requested including data collection.
  8. Effectively communicates with other team members.
  9. Completes required work accurately and in a timely manner.



Job Related Behaviors

  1. Integrity/Pride/Honor: Exhibits the highest standards of professionalism in dealings with co-workers, employers, visitors, patients and residents both inside and outside of the facility.
  2. Respect/Equality: Treats others as he/she would like to be treated.
  3. Communication: Communicates openly and honestly and in a way that is clear and understandable.  Uses positive communication and communicate appropriately with all CMC departments.
  4. Compassion: Creates an environment of safety and trust for patients/residents/employees
  5. Trust: Demonstrates trust in co-workers.
  6. Professionalism: Demonstrates honesty and integrity.  Always strive to give 100%
  7. Safety: Creates/Ensures that work environment is safe for patients, residents, employees and visitors.
  8. Fiscal Responsibility: Is a good steward of CMC resources.
  9. Ambassadorship: Uses good judgement in behavior, appearance, words and actions.  Remembers that employees are on stage at all times.
  10. Quality: Is proficient, competent and efficient.
  11. Teamwork: Lends a hand whenever possible to ensure top-notch patient/resident care.
  12. Commitment: Committed to co-workers, patients, residents and providers.

Required: Current Certified Nursing Assistant certification in the State of Idaho or enrolled in current program and certified within 120 days of hire

            Required: BLS