Outdoor Program Leader Student Assistant
Job Details
Sweet Briar College - Sweet Briar, VA
Not Specified
Up to 25%

Position Name: Outdoor Program Leader

Classification of position: 1

Department: Outdoor Programs

Location of Department: First Floor Meta Glass

Name of Student Supervisor: Mikel Mayo-Pitts

Position Type/Expected Work Hours: Part-time, typical work hours and shifts, days of the week (Note: Students cannot work more than 20 hours per week).

Purpose or role of the position within the organization: For the first semester of work with the outdoor program you will be an unpaid apprentice with only one responsibility. That responsibility is simply attending trips and training to learn the ins and outs of leading trips outdoors (and to make sure this line of work is for you). After one semester you are eligible to become a trip leader.

Essential Responsibilities: Leaders will be responsible for all aspects of the program's trips including, but not limited to, trip design, advertising, equipment organization, and clean-up, menu planning, food purchase, well-defined emergency procedures, driving vans, and co-instructing trips.

Preferred Qualifications: Any experience in the outdoors or with leadership could translate to this position but is not required.

Required Qualifications: Previous outdoor experience is not a requirement. Enthusiasm, commitment, an adventurous spirit, and a desire to learn are required.

Other Duties: Outdoor Program Leaders lead their fellow students, faculty, staff, and their guests on outdoor adventure trips. Students selected for this position will be a part of a special team of leaders and have the opportunity to gain both leadership and outdoor adventure skills, taught through an extensive training program and experiential education on trips.