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Job Details

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - Los Angeles, CA
$18.50 Hourly


Scare Actor


We are looking for talented, high-energy scare actors with stamina to entertain our guests every show night! Actors and actresses work in and around the haunted house performing for visitors. If you like to hide in dark corners, waiting to scare your friends and family, you are the perfect person for this job! Actors are given a role corresponding to a specific character within the event's storyline. Actors are provided with costumes, makeup, or mask and must wear what is scripted for that specific role. Safety is critical in the haunted house environment, so this role requires following instructions and company policies. Actors work in a team-focused atmosphere, ensuring our guests have fun while they scream! Enthusiasm for Halloween is a must!



  • Ability to work in environments with strobe lights, darkness, enclosed spaces, loud music and sound effects
  • Most acting positions require repetitive movement and being on your feet for 4-5 hours each show night
  • Ability to follow guidance from perforrmance management team