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Charge RN

Job Details

Woodland Pond, Inc - New Paltz, NY
Per Diem

Position Summary
The Charge RN is responsible to maintain the nursing philosophy, objectives, and standards of quality nursing care; and ensure compliance with standards, codes, rules and regulations, and the policies set-forth by Woodland Pond



Administrative Functions:

  • Notifies the Director of Nursing and Administrator on Call as required (*CF)
  • Participates actively with IDT and follows-through on actions determined by the Team
  • Is responsible for every resident in the Health Center (*CF)
  • Serves as a resident advocate and ensures resident rights are maintained
  • Supports the medical staff
  • Works collaboratively with all departments at Woodland Pond
  • Works with staff in the planning of the units services, programs, and activities
  • Ensures consistency between all units in nursing care
  • Ensures staff comply with polices and standards of care (*CF)
  • Ensures completeness of Accident and Incident reports
  • Serves as a leader and resource for nursing staff
  • Participates in investigations as assigned (*CF)
  • Ensures safe quality care is provided to the residents daily, and essential information is communicated to provide appropriate continuity of care from admission to discharge (*CF)
  • Is a liaison with residents, families, and other departments to adequately plan for and provide resident care
  • Guides LPNs and CNAs responsibilities (*CF)
  • Ensures accurate, appropriate, and complete documentation by all nursing staff


Care Plan, Kardex, MDS, and Assessment

  • Ensures accuracy of each
  • Completes timely as assigned
  • Effectively communicates the plan of care
  • Ensures that resident care plan is followed (*CF)



  • Ensures appropriate and ongoing communication to the resident, family, staff, MD, IDT, etc. (*CF)
  • Uses communication to enhance quality of resident care and staff working environment


Personnel/Staff Development

  • Assists with employee evaluations, employee praise, and discipline as necessary (*CF)
  • Actively participates with staff education
  • Promotes an environment of learning
  • Ensures staff attends mandatory in-services and meets minimum continuing education requirements
  • Conducts routine staff audits to ensure care is being delivered per care plan and medical staff orders (*CF)
  • Ensures work consistency among staff
  • Promotes a positive, friendly work environment


Equipment and Supplies

  • Ensures appropriate are available and monitors that supplies are utilized appropriately to avoid waste
  • Is cost-effective


Policy and Procedure Manuals

  • Ensures staff awareness of manuals, including other departments (e.g. SDS, emergency protocols)
  • Uses manual and assists other staff on using policies as necessary (*CF)


Quality Assurance

  • Constantly strives to enhance the resident and staff experience
  • Reports and completes necessary paperwork for each resident incident/accident/change in condition (*CF)


Safety/Infection Control

  • Ensures staff compliance with standards and regulations
  • Reports potential outbreaks and takes appropriate measures to control/eliminate infection control exposures


Staffing Coverage

  • Required to ensure appropriate coverage for the nursing department 24/7, including weekends, holidays, and off-shifts (*CF)
  • Works beyond normal working hours, or in other positions temporarily when necessary (e.g. administers medications) (*CF)
  • Is subject to callback during emergency conditions
  • Takes RN on-call as needed


Other Specific Requirements

  • Must have patience, tact, a cheerful disposition, and be enthusiastic
  • Must work harmoniously with others
  • Seeks out new methods and principles to incorporate into the nursing practice
  • Creates and maintains an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest, positive emphasis, as well as a calm environment (*CF)
  • Able to make independent decisions
  • Able to plan, organize, develop, implement, and interpret the programs, goals, objectives, policies and procedures necessary to provide quality care
  • Promotes teamwork and collaboration among Woodland Pond staff members


Ongoing education

  • Must continually strive to enhance knowledge, and ensure evidenced-based nursing is being practiced
  • Encouraged to attend an out-of-facility continuing education seminars
  • Completes all required training and in-services
  • All other duties as assigned





  • Maintains high standards for work areas, attitude and appearance
  • Understands that honesty and ethics are essential in the performance of duties
  • Willing to learn and grow
  • Demonstrates maturity in judgment and behaviors
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to and communicate with primarily the geriatric population
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span
  • Able to assess data reflecting the residents status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each residents requirements relative to their age-specific needs
  • Able to work a flexible schedule
  • Maintains predictable and reliable attendance


  1. RN graduate of an accredited school of nursing
  2. Minimum two years of clinical nursing experience preferred
  3. Holds a current, unencumbered RN license to practice in the State of New York
  4. Proficiency with computers and standard office software
  5. Valid CPR certification