CADD Technician, Civil
Job Details
Highway - Mora, MN
Full Time
2 Year Degree
$24.59 - $30.13 Hourly

Application Deadline: Open until filled


Job summary

The primary purpose and responsibility of a Civil CADD Technician is to utilize computer aided design drafting (CADD) to design accurate plans for a road project and other civil construction projects. From preliminary survey of a project with modern surveying instruments to total design on a CADD platform to the finished job of staking/inspection of a project. One function of a CADD Technician is to organize data from surveys and other sources to be efficiently used and permanently stored for reuse. Will function as a CADD operator and/or survey crew chief for Public Works Department projects as needed.

Some Examples of Essential Duties


45% Design and Drafting

1. Develops design for new construction projects including required specifications technical calculations, new grade lines, drainage, dimensions and amount of materials, and other contract considerations.

2. Plans and coordinates the preparations of plans, preliminary design, detail design, coordinate design, specifications, cost estimates, and other design matter for a variety of public works project.

3. Operates various computer software to draft cross sections, topography, existing roadway or structures, and proposed improvements.

4. Computer file management - maintains files to assure system operations for file retrieval and organization.

5. Manage prototype drawings - development, storage in CADD directory and document prototype drawings using drawing status, layer/level list, text style, etc.

6. Manage a user drawing file - develop hard disk directories and sub directories, develop standard layer/level names, colors, line types, line weights according to state CADD data standards for construction plans.

7. Symbol/cell library - establish CADD symbol/cell library files with on going library development including MNDOT symbol/cell library.

8. Menu files - develop and install custom screen/level and/or tablet menu files for level overlays. Build associate directories in CADD software for menu storage.

9. CADD maintenance - upgrades handle acquisition and installation of CADD software upgrades.

10. Manuals and standards - use state manuals and standards to assure consistency and uniformity. Check drawing for consistency, presentation, format, clarity, and conformance to state standards.

11. Use word processing and spreadsheets for design calculations and specifications.


20% Surveying

12.  Performs surveying task such as reading maps, taking shots, maintaining field notes, measuring quantities, recording elevations, laying out curves, and staking for construction.

13. Coordinates field work with the Assistant Engineer.

14. Reduces field notes by making complex engineering computations.

15. Relays to survey crew what information is needed for complete and accurate survey.

16. Solves complex survey problems from preliminary surveys to final construction staking.

17. Surveys, designs, and construction stakes miscellaneous public works projects – parking lots, landscapes, storm drains, etc.

18. Downloads data collector data from survey file into computer software.


15% Construction Inspection

19. Inspects construction including grading, bituminous overlays, base and sub cuts, drainage, curb and gutter and culvert placement to insure compliance with contract plans and specifications.

20. Performs tests on compaction, bituminous proportionality, aggregate, and concrete air entrainment and slump.

21. Measures and records quantities of materials used.

22. Acts as a liaison between construction companies and the public.

23. Coordinates construction with utility companies.

24. Ensures proper procedures and thickness of material being used.

25. Checks the weight of hauling vehicles.

26. Inspects the new construction on county bridges to ensure all contract plans and specifications are being carried out.

27. Maintains a daily log on construction activities.

28. Prepares detailed reports on construction projects for the county and governmental agencies.


20% Miscellaneous

29. Assists in the development of a five year plan.

30. Participates in the road rating process.

31. Draws informational maps.

32. Maintains records of historical construction.

33. Prepares partial estimates for contractors.

34. Monitors the condition of county highways and bridges.

35. Prepares a variety of miscellaneous reports and records.

36. Prepares engineer’s estimates for construction projects.

37. Assists in yearly inventory and inspection of bridges.

38. In charge of county fiber optic line maps and locates as needed.

39. Trains and assists survey crew to understand and fully use total stations and data collectors for surveys and construction stake out.

40. Complies with all county safety policies.

41. Performs related duties as assigned.



  • High School graduate
  • 2 years technical training
  • Valid driver's license


Physical Demand Analysis Summary

In a typical 8 hour work day, this person sits 4 hours, stands 2 hours and walks 2 hours.  Some special physical demands include:

1.  Up to 10% of the time requires lifting and carrying up to 24 pounds.

2.  Up to 70% of the time requires seeing with a full field of vision and distinguishing colors.

3.  Up to 50% of the time requires seeing with near and far acuity, and with depth perception.

4.  Up to 30% of the time requires verbal and written communication, and hearing normal conversation.

5.  Up to 10% of the time requires hearing high pitched or low pitched sounds.

6.  Up to 30% of the time requires bending/stooping.

7.  Up to 10% of the time requires reaching above shoulder level, crouching, kneeling and pushing/pulling.

8.  Up to 50% of the time requires working outside.

9.  Up to 30% of the time requires being around moving machinery, exposure to marked changes in temperature & humidity and exposure to dust, fumes, odors, mist, toxic gases, poor ventilation, and adhesives.

10. Up to 10% of the time requires driving automotive equipment.

11.  Up to 10% of the time requires use of the hands at the following heights:  knees, mid thigh, waist, chest and shoulder


This position is eligible for the following benefits:

  • Insurance (Health, Dental, Life)
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Holiday Pay
  • Pension
  • Voluntary Retirement Plans



Starting $24.59 per hour. (Range 13, union position, Local 49)


Hours of Work

- 7:00am - 3:30pm with a ½ hour lunch; 8 hr work day, Monday thru Friday

- Working hours may vary due to work demands and budgetary changes.

- Overtime may be an important part of this job.



Minnesota Public Employee Retirement Association. Contribution rates are 6.5% by employee, 7.5% by employer.


All insurance plans are through Public Employee Insurance Program. Coverage becomes effective the first of month following 45 days from hire date. We currently offer 2 health plans. Cost is per month:


Plan Single Monthly Cost Family Monthly Cost
$850 Deductible $0.00 $773.18
$2,000 Deductible $0.00 $330.44

The County also contributes an VEBA plan for each employee. Amount of contribution: $1,272.00 yearly.


Dental insurance provider is Health Partners. It is a $50 deductible with a $1,000 annual maximum.

Current rates:
            Single: $41.50
            Single plus one: $74.64
            Family: $122.40


Life insurance provider is Sun Life Financial. County pays for a $10,000 policy.