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Courier in Own Vehicle - Minnesota

Job Details

Minnesota Office - Little Canada, MN
Full Time
Not Specified

Job Summary

Pickup and delivery of packages of various sizes and weights from customers in many different locations, to be completed in a timely and courteous manner.

Essential Functions:

  • Possess and maintain valid driver’s license with safe driving record.
  • Operate motor vehicle in safe and legal manner.
  • Be able to quickly locate specific addresses.
  • Be able to communicate and complete tasks assigned via a smartphone application (training provided)
  • Hand-load/unload material, as required.
  • Walk and climb stairs.
  • Have the ability to lift and carry up to 70 lbs. regularly, as required.
  • Must have sufficient literacy skills to read addresses and specific instructions efficiently, and complete required paperwork.
  • Maintain communication and a cooperative, professional relationship with customers, the general public, and fellow Quicksilver employees.


  • Deliver packages safely and in a timely manner.
  • Know, understand, and follow all company policies.
  • Be available to work assigned and on-call shifts, clearing any changes with supervisory personnel.
  • Uniform shirt, jacket, ID badge and black or navy slacks must be worn at all time while on the job.


  • First line supervision is dispatchers/customer service.  Additional supervision received from assigned Quicksilver personnel and managers as needed.  

Job Specifications

Education & Experience:

  • No formal requirements; must be literate and fluent in English. 
  • No delivery experience required but helpful.
  • Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • 5 year proven safe driving record. No more than 1 minor moving violation within the last 3 years or DUI/Careless Driving within 5 years.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
  • Ability to lift 70 lbs. as required.
  • Walking and climbing stairs.
  • Be able to sit in vehicle for extended periods of time and move in and out of vehicle as needed.
  • Pass Department of Transportation physical and/or drug and alcohol screen (when required).
  • Pass a Work Simulation screening (when required)

Working Conditions:

  • Most working time spent in vehicle or loading/unloading packages.
  • Required to drive safely in all kinds of conditions (adverse weather conditions, traffic, etc.).
  • No smoking is allowed on the job. Smoking is not allowed in vehicles.

Equipment Used:

  • Smartphone dispatch application
  • Smartphone communication application
  • 2 or 4 wheeled cart & Coolers
  • Pickup trucks must have a topper that is lockable.


  • Vehicle insurance is required. 100, 300, 50 limits, Quicksilver must be listed as “Additional Insured”.
  • Two 25”x12” water based decals will be affixed to your vehicle doors. Operator License info will also be affixed next to the decals.
  • Quicksilver conducts extensive backgrounds checks of applicant’s criminal and driving history.