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All School Substitute - District Position - 23-24 School Year

Job Details

District Office - Draper, UT


Job Description:

The Substitute Teacher’s job is to be available to substitute teach at least 4 days of each month school is in session (36 days each school year). Substitutes are called in advance, when possible. Often, however, illness occurs without notice so substitutes will be called the same day a substitute is needed. Substitutes rarely take over the classroom as a homeroom teacher (even when subbing for a homeroom teacher) but instead take on the role of Class Instructor (or Teacher’s Aide). Substitutes will teach a reading, math, and spelling group so they need to be trained in Direct Instruction programs. Substitutes are also responsible for supervision of lunch, recess, and transitions to and from Art, PE, and groups.


The following list of duties may be required, but is not an inclusive list:

  • Attend Direct Instruction training in the summer

  • Accept opportunity to sub at least 4 days each month school is in session or as needed

  • Come in early to prepare to teach reading, math, and spelling groups (when called in advance to sub)

  • Read scripts, prepare copies, ask questions

  • Follow teacher instructions left for you

  • Keep American Prep classroom management standards high

  • Keep data and records in Data Binder

  • Supervise students during lunch time

  • Supervise students when out at recess

  • Report any problems to homeroom teacher or other applicable staff members

  • Attend all meetings (when applicable)

  • Work closely with staff members to ensure students are safe and engaged in learning


Skills Required:

  • Organization - This employee will need to be prepared in a moment’s notice to substitute, when available. Phone calls and/or emails from staff should be responded to immediately (when called the morning of) or within a 4-hour timeline (when called in advance). Being able to coordinate home, family, work, and school responsibilities requires good organization skills and is required for this position.

  • Work Ethic - This employee must be willing to work at least 4 days per month throughout the entire school year. Hours may or may not be stable, as the number of subbing opportunities change from week to week. Because Administration is busy running the day-to-day operations of the school, there will be little to no administrative oversight as to whether you fulfill your commitment to work 4 days per month. An excellent work ethic is vital to success in this position.

  • Initiative - This employee must be willing to work whenever needed. They should be comfortable asking questions when clarifications are needed, doing what is asked and also what may not be asked but still needs to be done. This person will do everything within their power to work enthusiastically whenever called upon to work. This person will take the initiative to step up and do all he/she can to ensure the students get a quality education when teachers or instructors are absent.

  • Positive Attitude - This employee should have a positive attitude, a ready smile, a happy disposition, and a sense of humor in times of stress. A cheerful can-do attitude when asked to go above and beyond is essential for success in this position.

  • Flexibility and Willingness - This employee should be flexible to step in and work even when things change at the last minute. Working with both Academic Directors to ensure that excellent teaching and instruction happens in a teacher’s absence is also an important requirement. A willingness to travel between campuses to fill in vacancies is also required. Willingness to put as much time in as needed is fundamental to success in this position.

  • Desire to Clear the Way - It is the Substitute Teacher’s job to make sure the classroom teacher or instructor feels supported when their partner is absent. A desire and willingness to do what it takes to lighten the load and clear the way for the teacher or instructor is paramount to this job.

  • Teachable - This employee must be willing to ask questions if they are not sure of what is expected of them. They should also be willing to listen to input from Administration as to mission, vision, and philosophy that would be most effective or applicable to student success. Willingness to work closely and in harmony with other staff members (accepting their input and direction) is required.


  • 401(k) eligibility
  • Hands-on training