Handy Person Utilities (HMU) 01172023
Job Details
AGY Aiken, LLC - Aiken, SC
Full Time
High School
$23.86 - $24.35 Hourly

As title implies, person performs a variety of functions for the plant. Maintains vehicles and product trucks as necessary to support materials handling requirements. This includes, but not limited to, over the road vehicles, tractors, mowers, product trucks, trash buggies, packing carts, tool boxes, rolling platforms and ladders. Operates necessary vehicles with required license to perform job functions. Performs cleaning/trash collection role throughout the plant to clean buildings, grounds and equipment as describe in duties. Transports equipment, material, scrap and waste containers. Loads and unloads materials as described in duties. Documentation of inspection, repairs and maintenance is required.


  1. Cleans and removes accumulated glass and/or debris from rolling stock.
  2. Repairs or replaces broken or damaged production truck parts, including but not limited to, wheels, hangers, fasteners, wing ticket holders, and pins. Mechanical and welding skills required.
  3. PM vehicle such as lubricating components as required.
  4. Performs general refurbishment and safety inspection of entire material handling trucks.
  5. Paints identification marking on vehicles in professional manner.
  6. Procures labels from supply or storeroom and maintains label storage bins. Affixes labels to repaired production trucks as required.
  7. Transports damaged vehicles from production area to service area as required.
  8. Transports serviced vehicles to designated areas as required.
  9. Modifies material handling vehicles with approval as necessary to support change in mix of products.
  10. Audits tare weights of production trucks as needed.
  11. Operates, inspects and cleans plant vehicles and/ or material handling equipment necessary to perform assigned tasks, (including, but not limited to, forklift trucks (i.e., dump, tank, flatbed, etc.,) tractors, lawn equipment, mobile cleaning equipment, front end leader etc.).
  12. Performs operator inspection of vehicles on each shift; checks fluid levels and various vehicle component systems for malfunctions; replenishes fuel supply. Completes daily vehicle inspection forms.
  13. Loads, unloads and transports scrap materials, batch and waste containers to landfill. Keeps scrap covered with tarpaulins while in route and polices roadway and plant grounds.
  14. Transports trash, garbage, batch and waste to the dump.
  15. Cleans scrap hoppers and removes hoppers from basement and transports to the dump.
  16. Performs grounds keeping duties, including, but not limited to, glass cutting, hedge/tree dimming, roof and floor drains, glass tunnels, scrap hoppers, waste collection sumps, tanks, water sumps, roofs, cooling water spray ponds and towers, process water and HVAC systems, etc.
  17. Cleans roadways and walks, including but not limited to sweeping, hosing, removing snow and ice, etc.
  18. Performs minor maintenance including, but not limited to, painting buildings, equipment, fencing, and curbing, changing/replacing blades, lamps, lens, hoses, cylinders, air valves, and assembling & disassembling nozzles, manifold, headers, etc. on assigned equipment.
  19. Procedures and mixes chemicals (including but not limited to Round-up, Haybar, etc.).
  20. Moves equipment and furniture as assigned. Assembles new furniture, carts, etc.., as required.
  21. Maintains records and completes all required paperwork and documentation, along with tracking work using an electronic hacking system.
  22. Work as a member of a team or' crew on special assignments such as fire watch, confined space attendant, etc.
  23. Participates in and supports the safety and good housekeeping programs and trials as established within the plant.
  24. Must be able to obtain and maintain CDL license for operating over-the-load bucks.
  25. Notifies appropriate personnel of any equipment or quality problems and takes corrective action within the scope of the job.
  26. Performs other related duties consistent with the nature of the job as directed by Management.
  • HS Diploma / GED
  • The ability to obtain and maintain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is required for operating over the road trucks
  • WorkKeys scores of at least: Observation (3), Graphic Literacy (Locating Information) (3), and Workplace Documents (Reading for Information) (3)
  • Must be able to stick and mig weld carbon steel and aluminum.
  • Must be able to push, pull, reach, bend, squat, twist, turn, climb, work overhead, wear required PPE, and work in a hot, confined environment and
  • Be able to work various shifts and days of the week, including overtime

Additional Information

AGY offers an attractive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life, and matching 401k program. We also proudly offer a physician staffed onsite Wellness Center open to all of our employees and an 24-hour onsite Fitness Center.