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Direct Support Professional - Behavioral Technician

Job Details

High School
$21.25 - $24.25 Hourly
Up to 25%
Health Care

Cascade Connections is seeking compassionate and dedicated employees to join our team immediately. We strive to employ individuals who desire to make a difference in others’ lives by enhancing every aspect of the lives of adults with disabilities.

Job Locations:

  • Bellingham, WA
  • Lynden, WA

New higher wage!


We are currently offering a substantial hiring bonus to new employees. New hires receive a $250 bonus on their first paycheck, after successfully completing a two-day orientation. New staff receive an additional $750 after successfully completing a six-month probationary period.

Job Summary:

Support individuals with extreme behavioral challenges to reach their full potential intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Assist clients with daily needs, as specified in individual care plans and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Provide support with daily life skills, community integration through outside activities, and medical care. Behave professionally and abide by agency and state policies and procedures at all times. Must be willing to work with all program participants.


Note: An extreme client is one who meets Cascade Connections established criteria, has behavioral challenges, and may become physically assaultive. As part of its commitment to transitioning adults with developmental disabilities out of state institutions, Washington State supplements an Enhanced Rate program for these clients. Because these clients have lived in institutions and exhibited significant challenges in the community, their Behavioral Technicians receive a higher wage when serving these clients. The agency accountant has established 2 rates of pay for staff: (1) Regular Rate of pay; (2) Enhanced Rate of pay for sites that serve extreme clients. Staff only receive the Enhanced Rate when providing direct service to identified extreme clients officially enrolled in the Enhanced Rate program. When not working with this client, staff receive the Regular Rate of pay for Direct Support Professionals. Hours and shifts at the Enhanced Rate site will vary depending upon the needs of the Enhanced Rate client.



  • At least 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Effectively communicates and understands, reads, and writes in English
  • Willing to submit to for-cause drug testing
  • Organized, efficient, responsible, and willing to teach
  • Able to perform the personal care and housekeeping chores detailed in this document
  • Able to work with diverse client populations in varied settings
  • Treats all clients with respect and relates in a warm, caring manner
  • At least 6 months experience providing direct care to adults with developmental disabilities
  • RIGHT RESPONSE Advanced training and fluency in RIGHT RESPONSE Advanced skills. Additional suggested courses include: Navigating Challenging Behaviors, Advanced Positive Behavior Support, Incident Reporting, Mandatory Reporting, and Peer Coaching
  • Available for weekly team meetings to practice RIGHT RESPONSE Advanced skills
  • Able to consistently work with challenging customers and to assess and manage challenging/crisis situations
  • Positive attitude while working with difficult populations in order to be a role model to their peers
  • Able to work independently and in a group
  • Willing to take direction in developing behavior management and crisis resolution skills
  • Able to meet additional requirements outlined below


Additional Requirements:

  • Valid Washington State drivers license, clear driving record, and reliable transportation (upon hire)
  • Residence phone or cell phone (upon hire)
  • US bank account for direct deposit (upon hire)
  • Disclosure Statement (upon hire)
  • Passing federal fingerprint background check (initial background check authorization submitted within 1 day of hire; fingerprints for federal background check submitted prior to working unsupervised)
  • Orientation & Safety Training and Policy & Procedures Training (first day of employment)
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Certification (within 30 days of hire, prior to working unsupervised)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training (within 30 days of employment)
  • Hepatitis B vaccine or waiver (within 30 days of hire)
  • RIGHT RESPONSE Advanced Certification (within 1 month of hire)
  • 40-hour CORE and 30-hour Population-Specific Trainings (within 120 days of hire)
  • Developmental Disability Specialty Training (if not required to take 40-hour CORE, within 120 days of hire)
  • Dementia Specialty Training
  • Nurse Core Delegation Training (prior to being delegated for medication administration)
  • Home Care Aide (HCA) Certification (within 200 days of hire) or NAC/LPN/RN certificate


Physical Requirements (not specific to extreme client):

  • Lifting, transferring, and positioning clients
    • At times there are 1-person or 2-person lifts required. Clients may require transferring with the use of a Hoyer lift. See individual client care plans for procedures.
    • In an emergency, staff should be able to move up to 100 lbs.
  • Bending, scooping, and reaching
    • Assist clients with physical therapy exercises.
    • Dress clients and change attends when necessary
    • Help with laundry, carrying supplies, and putting supplies away.
    • All phases of house cleaning (mopping, vacuuming, picking up, dishes, washing windows, etc.).
    • Perform minor repairs and maintenance (changing light bulbs, yard work, etc.).
  • Transportation:
    • Assist clients (including those who use wheelchairs and mobility devices) in and out of vehicles as needed.
    • Follow proper procedures for securing seat belt straps, safety straps, and belts for wheelchairs.



  • Provide client with daily personal care (e.g., bathing, toileting, etc.) and supervision to ensure safety and well-being at all times.
  • Understand and regularly review each clients Person Centered Service Plan (PCSP), and follow plans when providing care. In addition, Cascade Christian Home staff must also know and follow client Negotiated Care Plans (NCPs).
  • Understand and regularly review Individual Instruction and Support Plans (IISPs). Carry out goals and training programs as specified in the IISP, and provide care that is consistent with the IISP. Appropriately document all goals worked on, and report any problems to Direct Support Advocate.
  • Understand and regularly review Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSPs) and Functional Assessments for applicable clients. Follow strategies identified in the clients PBSP in response to their challenging behaviors.
  • Communicate by reading and writing S-Comms (Secure Communication).
  • Complete all documentation on assigned clients prior to leaving shift, i.e. double check medications signatures, update BM and seizure logs, attend to Therap ADLs, provide office with receipts for purchases, etc.
  • Support clients to complete ADLs as independently as possible.
  • Protect and maintain confidentiality of client records and information.
  • Expediently report unusual or emergent situations to the Area Manager or on-call designee.
  • Support client in accessing the community by referring to activity calendars, allowing flexibility for scheduled and non-scheduled outings, and providing transportation in agency vehicle.
  • Assist client to interact safely with community members (i.e. at banks, grocery stores, medical facilities, etc.). The extreme client requires 2 staff present when out in the community. Staff will have trial outings and slowly extend the amount of time spent in the community.
  • Participate in all designated in-service trainings and attend all staff meetings as directed by the facility Area Manager.
  • Abide by and assist in enforcing the agency's policies and procedures.
  • Assist and instruct clients in emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Follow Plan of Care in regards to medication administration, and document medications in accordance with policy. Communicate any changes in condition to delegating nurse and manager.
  • Counsel, advise, and support client according to the written policies and procedures of the program.
  • Establish and maintain positive communication and working relationships with client and their guardian, family members, neighbors, visitors and staff from outside.
  • Document any unusual occurrences on general event tracking in Therap within 24 hours of the incident. Alert all necessary managers and/or on-call designee.
  • Immediately report evidence of abuse or neglect witnessed to Residential Care Services (Complaint Resolution Unit) and the Area Manager.
  • Differentiate hours worked with extreme client on time sheets at the beginning and end of each shift, and sign and turn them in to the Area Manager by due date.
  • Strive to offer clients support, guidance, and direction in carrying out their responsibilities, activities, and decisions.
  • Create a warm, accepting environment conducive to learning.
  • Carry out basic household chores such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • Make minor repairs on the home or equipment and/or report maintenance issues to the Area Manager. This includes maintenance issues involving client equipment.
  • Help keep the home and vehicles clean and organized, reporting any damage or problems that might require further attention to the Maintenance Staff (if applicable) and/or Area Manager.
  • Staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  • Staff may be asked to do a wide variety of tasks/activities to maintain the program and to maintain the health and safety of the client.



  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • 401k plan
  • Employee Assistance Program

In addition, full-time employees receive:

  • Health insurance (medical, dental, and vision)
  • Life insurance

Part-time to full-time hours available. Overtime eligible.


Cascade Connections is an Equal Opportunity Employer and stands committed to Affirmative Action.

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