Interfolder 1 Machine Operator
Job Details
Specialized - GARDNER, MA
Full Time
Not Specified
$18.00 Hourly
Role & Responsibilities
  • Comply with all safety and health procedures, policies, and guidelines at all times.
  • Ensure compliance to standards including housekeeping, food safety, GMP, and safety. Perform daily housekeeping, empty trash bins, segregating waste streams, making bales, and recycling.
  • Reliably achieve production targets, deadlines, waste standards, and quality requirements
  • Report all safety, health, machine, and equipment issues or concerns to management.
  • Ability to interact, communicate, and cooperate within a face paced team setting.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement. Work with management and others to implement actions to continuously improve the process.
  • Set -up & Operate complex machinery and equipment per instructions and standards.
  • Maintain proper registration of rolls on both the unwind and rewind ends of machine.
  • Keep all finished sheet product properly aligned.
  • Thread the web through the machine.
  • Lift, move, insert, and remove steel shafts into and out of rolls.
  • Push, move, set-up, and take down rolls of material to and from the machine.
  • Change machine and equipment over to a new set-up to process different orders.
  • Diagnose problems with the machine, process, or material. Trouble shoot, problem solve, and implement actions resolve problem to improve safety, quality, and efficiency.
  • Assist with moving and handling rolls, stacks of sheets, boxes, and pallets to support unloading and packing raw material and finished product for transport. Stack boxes of product on pallets as required. Strap material to pallets. Transport pallets when required.
  • Drive a lift truck and operate a pallet jack as required.
  • Create and maintain accurate records and reports such as: productivity, downtime, waste, quality, traceability, exceptions, roll and pallet labels, etc.
  • Perform in-line quality control, monitor for defects, and ensure requirements are met. Report all nonconformance's to Manager or designee.
  • Flexibility to operate various machines and work in different areas and roles as needed.
  • Ability to read, understand, and follow all written and verbal instructions and procedures.
  • Basic math, reading, writing, and problem-solving skills. Ability to use a tape measure.
  • Able to work overtime as needed.
  • Ability to Lift 40 Lbs., bend, stand, walk, & perform repetitive tasks for at least 8 hours.