First Mate Plate Mounter 3rd shift
Job Details
First Mate - GARDNER, MA
Full Time
Not Specified
$17.00 Hourly
Role & Responsibilities

Job Summary

Perform diversified manual and mechanical duties to mount printing plate material onto print rolls, utilizing presses 1-8. Duties include: job planning and layout, preparing rolls, mounting plates, operation of manual and automated mounting machinery, and other similar duties pertaining to plate mounting.


Duties require complete mastery of all functions of a plate technician, verbal communications ability, command of basic math, visual acuity to written material and plate detail, manual coordination and dexterity in mounting plates and in the use of ordinary hand tools, and the physical ability to lift various weights.


Essential Job Functions

1. Prepare roll cylinders for mounting. Strip plates form rolls. Remove old adhesive material and clean cylinder surface with solvent to ensure surface is free from any particles and/or other contaminants. Cut new adhesive material to proper dimension, ensuring squareness and apply to roll cylinders according to specification.


2. Mount plate material utilizing either manual and/or computer controlled machinery. Read job sheet to obtain print specifications and requirements. Plan and lay out plate for mounting according to specifications, determining the proper registering of the plate on the roll, best fit and mounting to eliminate press bounce. Install and layout web sample, scribing web width and slit lines. Trim plate material to obtain proper fit on roll. Align and mount plate onto roll ensuring precise positioning. Finish trim plate material to obtain required fit and to provide proper printing operation.


3. Prepare print proof. Select and install required gears and/or enter data into computer controller to simulate press operation. Ink plate. Set machine to specified print specifications and make proof impression. Visually inspect proof for proper impression, defects in the plate, or other similar problems. Obtain required approval of proof. Seal plate onto roll and prepare for press use after obtaining necessary approvals. Mark or otherwise identify rolls for press. Visually inspect proof for proper impression, defects in the plate, or other similar problems.


4. Follow all established safety rules and regulations and utilize required safety equipment. Report defective equipment or unsafe conditions to the appropriate personnel. Maintain work area in a clean and orderly condition.


5. Enter all required information into plate database, including mounting settings and footage tracking information. Enter plate information into order entry database.


6. Make proper and accurate entries into production reporting system.


7. Make occasional repairs in press to plates and mounts.


Perform other similar duties as required or as requested by supervisor.



The ability to read, understand, and apply job specifications.

Understand all areas of recorded information and accurately enter the information into the computer system.

The ability to maneuver raw materials, inks, and finished goods within the production area.

Ability to lift, twist, turn, bend, squat, and reach, sometimes in small or tight areas.

Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.