Bottling Room Line Operator
Job Details
Woodland Office - Woodland, CA
Full Time
$16.25 - $16.25 Hourly

I - General tasks:

The Bottling Room (BR) Line Operator reports to the Production Supervisor. He/She is to meet with the Supervisor at the beginning of his/her shift to know his/her position for the day. 


II - Duties and Essential Functions:

  • Perform 100% quality checks on all cans as you load the table. 
  • Make sure your level cylinder springs are adjusted accordingly.
  • Weighs Product – no less than 10% of the Can count for a single day.
  • Always have six cans underneath your filler, make sure your drip tray is out when not filling.
  • Fill Cans – adjust fill time needed, fill cap container as necessary.
  • No over producing units.
  • Visually check each can for low fills.
  • Inspect the filler for any leaks anywhere. 
  • Wipe your nozzles, and drip tray when needed.
  • Change over the filling station according to the size of cans this includes spacers, gates, electronic eyes and rails.
  • Change computer over according to the size of cans.
  • Make sure proper fill time and fill weight is accurate.
  • Make sure filters are cleaned and changed at each oil change.
  • Responsible for proper flushing and filling machine between oil changes.
  • Responsible for writing down all flushes on the correct forms.
  • Keep the bulk oil tote covered so as to prevent dust, bugs, etc. from getting into the tote.
  • Cover your caps and cans at the end of the day and break times.
  • Responsible for making sure the pipes are pulled and tote is closed at the end of each day.
  • Clean filler line – fill out cleaning document – take out all waste overflow and waste plus recycle.
  • Making sure that can forms and end of the day reports are correct.
  • Set up/change line when different size unit is to be used.
  • Responsible for cleaning the filling machine, capper, and belts and all surrounding areas are clean.
  • Understanding and following proper GMP’s. 
  • Understanding and following HACCP policies and how it relates to the job.
  • Understanding and following Allergen Control policies.
  • Understanding the Food Safety Policy Statement, the Food Safety Manual, and the BRC Standard and its requirements, and following all associated requirements, regulations and procedures. 
  • Immediately reporting any present or foreseen food safety hazards to immediate supervisor, or, if immediate supervisor is not available, to other personnel with authority to initiate action.
  • Other duties as assigned


III - Qualifications:

  • Good understanding of equipment 
  • Effective communication skill  
  • Team spirit Must be able to climb stairs and ladders.
  • Must be able to lift up to 75lbs. Must be able to work a flexible work schedule when needed (8- 12-hour shifts).
  • Must be available to work holidays and weekends. 
  • Must be able to work overtime, as the business requires.    


La Tourangelle is a small business that requires team work and flexibility in work assignment. As a team member, his/her feedback and improvement suggestions are encouraged and appreciated. As a team member, he/she is expected to maintain and promote team spirit and good communication between management and operations personnel. Participation in inter departments meetings is encouraged and appreciated. Participation in team building events and any advice to help build a successful team is valued and appreciated.


This job description may change at any time as the company needs and objectives evolve.
Thank you for being part of the La Tourangelle team!