Job Details
Caribou Medical Center - SODA SPRINGS, ID
Full Time
$12.54 - $16.00 Hourly
Job Description

The housekeeper and/or laundry operator are under the general supervision of the Environmental Services Manager.  The housekeeper is responsible for providing a clean, safe, and sanitary environment for patients, residents, staff and visitors in a friendly, courteous manner.
The laundry operator is responsible for collecting, washing, drying, ironing, and folding linen according to the existing operating procedures.  The laundry operator shall perform these duties in compliance with existing safety protocols.

Core Responsibilities
Performs routine daily cleaning throughout the facility following established procedures:

  1. Understands and follows the ES Manager’s instructions
  2. Cleans high dust surfaces above shoulder height, i.e., lights, vents, picture frames, etc. per protocol
  3. Maintains the cleanliness of equipment and the housekeeping closet.
  4. Disinfects the cleaning equipment to be used before entering next room
  5. Sanitizes all horizontal surfaces below shoulder height, i.e., furniture, telephones, drinking fountains, low vents, etc., using properly prepared disinfectants
  6. Disposes of cleaning cloths and mop heads contaminated with infectious material or blood per protocol
  7. Cleans and restocks the service cart at the end of each shift
  8. Wears the proper attire when entering a sterile area or a room with infection control precautions
  9. Spot cleans walls, glass, light switches, doors/frames, cabinets, wastebaskets, carpets, etc., using proper chemicals per protocol
  10. Replenishes soap, tissues, and paper towels
  11. Replace sharps containers and dispose of the used containers according to protocol
  12. Dusts and mops hard surface floors per protocol
  13. Empties wastebaskets
  14. Strips, waxes, and seals all hard floors
  15. Bonnet buffs carpets with proper chemicals
  16. Extracts carpets as needed

Daily cleaning of discharged patient rooms:

  1. Removes equipment (IV poles, etc.) not removed by the nursing staff and sanitizes equipment
  2. Sanitizes mattresses, bed frames, springs, and rails per protocol
  3. Cleans rooms following procedures outlines in the Routine Daily Cleaning section in the housekeeping manual
  4. Notifies the ES Manager when mattresses are torn or damaged and when cubicle curtains or draperies are soiled.

3. Provides routine and terminal cleaning of isolation rooms following established procedures:

  1. Understands and follows the “blood and body fluids” cleaning procedure
  2. Knows the warning signs for isolation rooms
  3. Uses protective barriers posted on the door sign
  4. Discards soiled water and changes mop heads as needed
  5. Follow “Routine Daily Cleaning” procedures in the housekeeping manual for isolation
  6. Disinfects the cleaning equipment before entering other rooms
  7. Places contaminated equipment cleaning cloths and mop heads in a red infectious bag and transports to the Laundry Department

Maintains cleanliness of equipment and housekeeping:

  1. Cleans and restocks the service cart at the end of each shift or as needed
  2. Cleans and empties the vacuum as needed/assigned
  3. Cleans the housekeeping closet at the end of each shift and notifies the ES Manager of supplies that need to be ordered

Completes project work as assigned using proper chemicals

  1. Cleans the inside of windows
  2. Cleans blinds
  3. Cleans gurneys
  4. Damp mops baseboards in carpeted areas

6. Disposes of medical waste:

  1. Picks up medical waste from designated areas and transports to medical waste room/area
  2. Uses gloves and the proper attire when putting medical waste into containers for transportation out of CMH
  3. Informs the ES Manager when new containers need to be ordered


Performs monthly cleaning

  1. Washes all beds
  2. Removes all furniture from the rooms and washes the walls, curtains, furniture, windows and edging.  Mops, waxes and buffs the floors.  Removes soiled cubicle curtains


Laundry Operator

  1. Collects linen and laundry from all patient/resident care departments in the facility
  2. Sorts laundry
  3. Washes laundry
  4. Disinfects laundry
  5. Dries laundry
  6. Irons laundry
  7. Folds laundry
  8. Delivers clean laundry to appropriate area
  9. Maintains the laundry facility in a clean and sanitary manner


Other Duties as Assigned: Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for their job.  Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.


Preferred:  Housekeeping/laundry experience in a medical facility.

Work Environment
This job operates in a hospital setting.  This role requires regular walking to various locations around the hospital.  This role may come in contact with patients who may have contagious illnesses.  There may be risk of exposure to blood and bodily fluids, latex, and odors/chemicals.  There is potential exposure to unpredictable behavior from residents, patients and families.

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work
This is a full-time, non-exempt/hourly position.  Shift is 8 hours per day, 5 days per week but these may change as needs of the department change.  The days of the week that housekeeping/laundry works area variable and include weekend and holiday coverage. On call time/call back time required in this position.  Must be physically and mentally able to work extended hours when necessary