Account Setup Coordinator
Job Details
Shift4 - Hillshire - Las Vegas, NV
Full Time

The Account Setup Coordinator is part of a service-oriented team that provides account setup and relationship management to our customers and merchant service providers. In this customer-focused role, the Account Setup Coordinator will own a portfolio of new and existing customer accounts and will maximize the value of relationships by working with the customer and our ISV Partners and Dealers to ensure account satisfaction.

The successful candidate for this position must maintain a positive relationship with customers and partners in their portfolio and continually provide a positive customer experience while further educating themselves on Shift4’s services as they relate to their assigned accounts. The Account Setup Coordinator is an important element of the implementation process as they need to ensure forms have been completed in a timely fashion and that the installations team is able to move forward with the implementation of Shift4 products.


Knowledge, Skills, and Additional Requirements:

 Experience in account coordination, project management, or account management
 Drive to provide world-class customer service
 Technical aptitude and willingness to continue to self-train and enhance knowledge of new technologies and services
 Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, follow-up skills, and thoroughness in completing tasks
 Must be detailed and accurate in all work performed
 Appropriately demonstrate a sense of urgency when necessary
 Ability to pick up and implement new concepts and directives easily with little supervision
 Communication skills via phone and professional emails
 Ability to work in a team environment and interact effectively with other groups, departments, clients, and partners
 Ability to understand and monitor customer account activity and implement action plans as dictated by analysis
 Ability to understand, interpret, and educate customers on account services
 Ability to understand the critical drivers of the business; identify and report to management accordingly
 Ability to accept criticism and to deal calmly and effectively with high-stress situations
 Adaptability and flexibility to handle considerable variety in the workplace


Essential Functions:

 Assist customers when filling out profit center forms, new account setup forms, and any necessary paperwork to implement or modify the customers’ Shift4 accounts
 Schedule appointments to complete the installation process
 Follow up with customers and to ensure that they are satisfied with their account
 Coordinate conference calls to explain forms to relevant vendors and customers to ensure installation process is not delayed
 Understand and keep current with all of our technology solutions’ new features, functionality, and installation procedures
 Provide updates and reports to executive management on an ongoing basis
 Follow established guidelines, protocols, and practices; maintain professional representation of the company

Salary will be commensurate with education, experience, and qualifications