Job Details
Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs Activities League - San Leandro, CA
Full Time
$26.00 - $26.00 Hourly
Job Description

Organizational Description

The mission of the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League (DSAL)  is to unite Sheriff’s Office personnel, citizens and youth of Alameda County in the pursuit and implementation of initiatives that will reduce crime, better the lives of area residents and enhance the community through action and collaboration with its partners.

DSAL recreation programs offer no- and low-cost soccer, boxing, fitness and other recreational activities for low-income community members and provides opportunities for Sheriff's deputies to interact positively with members of the community.

DSAL community development programs endeavor to provide support for community groups, empower community members to engage in the political process, engage in creative placemaking, and make their community a more vibrant, healthy place to live, work and play.

Dig Deep Farms is a DSAL social enterprise with a dual mission of  providing access to healthy food and creating job experience and employment opportunities for populations that have historically had limited access to both. DSAL also operates Food As Rx (subsidized produce “prescriptions” for low-income residents and farm stands at local clinics) andFood Recovery initiatives.

Job Summary

Farmacists will primarily, but are not limited to, properly taking care of and preparing produce for sale, communicating with clients/customers, providing good customer service, answering questions about produce and providing educational content, restocking produce and supplies for farmacy, and documenting inventory and sales (i.e., cash, credit, debit and voucher redemption). In addition to staffing the Farmacy, the farmacist will also participate in urban farming related activities (i.e., seeding, planting, harvesting vegetable crops for production).

DSAL General Competencies

These are the qualities that all DSAL employees are expected to exhibit.

  • Efficiency: able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort.
  • Organization: Plans and organizes in an efficient, productive manner, focuses on key priorities. Does not let important details fall through the cracks or derail a project.
  • Proactivity: Acts without being told what to do, brings new ideas to the organization.  Moves quickly and takes the initiative on matters of importance.
  • Tenacity: Ask questions until the way forward is clear. Demonstrates a willingness to go the distance to get something done. Follow-through on commitments.
  • Intellectual curiosity: Learns quickly, and demonstrates a desire to absorb new information and put it into practice.
  • Flexibility: Adapts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes well with complexity and ambiguity.
  • Innovation: Creates new approaches to intractable problems. Isn’t tied to old ways of doing business or solving problems.
  • Respect:  Maintains courteous and professional relationship with staff and the public; is responsive and fair toward all co-workers. Follow through on all requests.
  • Communication:  Keeps coworkers and other parties informed of relevant meetings and work progress. Communicates expectations clearly, gives timely feedback.

Food Hub Farmacist Key Responsibilities

  • Intake of new patient referrals in the DDF database
    • Coordinate with Food Hub Data Coordinator to maintain accuracy of database
  • Outreach to new patients via text/phone (Spanish speaking required)
    • Enrollment troubleshooting and Recipe For Health program details
  • Respond to text/email/phone inquiries from patients in English and Spanish.
  • Weekly recipe card production in English and Spanish.
    • Communication with participating clinic groups on recipes and weekly bag contents
    • Recipe card printing and organizing for weekly bag production
    • Maintain and grow Recipe card “library”
    • Design and create DDF Recipes For Health Cookbook
  • Weekly bag breakdown into serving sizes
    • Reporting and uploading serving size breakdown weekly
  • Coordinating with Admin to dispatch Rx patient deliveries on appropriate days
  • Participate in weekly meetings as scheduled
  • Coordinating produce deliveries for weekly bag production with DDF Farm vendors
    • Scanning and uploading weekly delivery receipts
  • Coordinate with Farm team to oversee and execute weekly bag production
    • Clean/Bag/Organize/Count/keep track of produce inventory
    • Ensure recipes cards are included with each bag
    • Ensure that correct bags are loaded into the correct storage areas and delivery vehicles
    • Remove/compost any spent produce from cold storage/fridge
    • Maintain weekly inventory and coordinate with warehouse team to ensure weekly deliveries are completed
  • Maintain constant oversight of delivery troubleshooting
    • Keep lines of communication with drivers open at all times
    • Troubleshoot live delivery issues with drivers and dispatchers
    • Maintain delivery database with customer details and delivery detail updates
  • Completing all other tasks as required

Qualifications for this position include:

  • Ability to use critical thinking and technology to problem solve independently, ask questions where needed, and don't get daunted by roadblocks, but continue to follow up and ask questions until each task is done.
  • Ability to use a calendar effectively - to set up regular tasks on a calendar, and do them without having to be reminded
  • Comfort talking on the phone and texting with new customers in English and Spanish, ability to communicate clearly and respectfully with other staff and customers
  • Excellent follow through, never lets anything fall through the cracks
  • Ability to work with new technologies and adapt to new processes and procedures
  • Ability to problem solve, course correct and overcome obstacles.
  • Attention to detail, punctuality, ability to prioritize and understand sense of urgency.
  • Some knowledge and/or interest in farming/nutrition
  • Experience with Excel & Google Platforms
  • Ability to handle money responsibly and transact cash sales
  • Ability to repetitively lift, carry and move up to 50 lbs
  • Valid CA DL and reliable transportation

Organizational Role and Supervisor

The Farmacist reports to Kim Thomas our DDF Food Hub Co-Manager.


The DDF Food Hub, 2700 Fairmont Drive, San Leandro, CA 94578​. This role may require periodic travel and in-person hosting at local Alameda County locations. This role also offers part-time remote work.

Type of Employment

The position is a full-time hourly position at $26/hour. This position includes the following benefits:

  • Full time employees accrue vacation according to the following schedule, up to a maximum of six paid weeks:
    • 6.67 hours per month or 10 days = 0 -1 year
    • 10 hours per month or 15 days per year = >1 to <5 years
    • 13.33 hours per month or 20 days per year = >5 years
  • Group health insurance plan: DSAL pays 100% of the value of the Kaiser Silver medical/dental plan. Kaiser Gold and Platinum are also available, and the employee pays the difference in price.
  • Cell phone usage reimbursement: $10/pay period for hourly staff who use their cell phones regularly for work
  • Non-matching 401K to allow employees to save for retirement pre-tax

Starting Date of Employment

We would like to hire this position as soon as possible.

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