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Skilled Nurse

Job Details

Manchester Office - Manchester, TN
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1. Provides skilled nursing care to clients in accordance with the service plan, physicians orders and agency policies.

2. Promotes and maintains client health through teaching and appropriate rehabilitative measures.

3. Assists clients in learning appropriate self-care techniques.

4. Prepares clinical progress notes and follows the client service plan as developed by the registered nurse and according to agency policy.

5. Prepares equipment and materials for treatments observing aseptic technique as required.

6. Keeps abreast of nursing trends and knowledge.

7. Communicates current health status and needs of clients to the appropriate staff.

8. Demonstrates a desire to set and meet objectives and to find increasingly efficient ways to perform tasks.

9. Completes work with accuracy and within time frames.

10. Notifies the Primary Nurse and/or Case Manager of any anticipated problems with the posted schedule. Provides as much advance notice of changes/problems as is possible.

11. Requires minimal supervision and is self-directed.

12. Adheres to agency infection control and safety policies, including education, reporting and practice implementation specific to job position.

13. Recognizes when others are in need of information, assistance or direction and offers and provides help.

14. Demonstrates respect, patience and understanding in interactions with others.

15. Acknowledges others verbally and nonverbally (eye contact, expression, tone of voice) promptly and courteously.

16. Maintains stable performance and emotions when faced with opposition, pressure and/or stressful conditions.

17. Recognizes co-dependency issues in care giving roles and exercises caution in relationships to maintain objectivity.

18. Develops work relationships that honor and respect others.

19. Availability: Always on time and follows rules concerning attendance. Provides advance notice of absences and tardiness.

20. Adherence to Policy: Always follows rules, procedures and regulations. Completes all paperwork on time.

21. Creativity: Suggests ideas, discovers new and better ways of accomplishing goals.

 22. Dependability: Always can be relied upon to complete responsibilities of the job.

23. Honesty: Always truthful and always completes agency documentation accurately.

24. Independence: Accomplishes work with little or no supervision and asks questions when in doubt.

25. Initiative: Searches out new tasks and expands abilities professionally and personally.

26. Interpersonal Relationships: Always displays willingness and ability to communicate, cooperate and work with co-workers, supervisors and customers. Fosters teamwork, dealing with issues openly and honestly.

27. Knowledge of Job: Uses technical skill and information at work. Always willing to learn new tasks and develop professional capabilities.

28. Productivity: Completes job responsibilities in a timely manner and does not allow personal affairs to interfere with job performance.

29. Quality: Meets all of the quality standards set forth by the organization, state and federal regulations.

30. Appearance: Maintains a professional appearance at all times. Follows dress code policy requirements.

31. Special Projects and Overtime: Participates willingly when requested.

32. In-services and Seminars: Attends and/or conducts job related workshops and educational seminars as requested or assigned.

33. Confidentiality: Maintains confidentiality of information related to business practices, business activities and personnel, including adherence to HIPAA and other privacy regulations.

 34. Acknowledges and follows policies and procedures, as outlined in the Employee Handbook.

35. Completes all required paperwork in an efficient and timely manner. Submits paperwork that is neat and legible, written in dark colored ink.

36. Clocks in/out of every shift using the approved method.

37. Other duties may be assigned, as warranted by the job.



1. Skilled Nurse, currently licensed to practice in Tennessee.

2. Eighteen years of age or older.

3. Ability to get to and from work sites, as required by the schedule.

 4. Must be able to provide direct patient care.

5. Working knowledge of the home healthcare program and previous experience providing home health visits preferred.

6. Ability to lift, carry, and position objects weighing up to 35lbs.

7. Ability manipulate objects weighing up to 50lbs.

8. Ability to stand for long periods of time.

 9. Ability to bend, twist, stoop, kneel, and reach.

10. Ability to walk independently up and down a normal flight of 13-15 stairs.