Cabin Counselor - Catalina Sea Camp CA
Job Details
Toyon Bay - Avalon, CA
Cabin Counselor

Position:                      Cabin Counselor – Catalina Sea Camp

Location:                     CIMI @ Toyon Bay, Catalina Island

Work Year:                 Summer

Responsible to:           Camp Director/Assistant Camp Director/Head Counselor

General Responsibility:

The counselor is responsible for the needs of the campers and to assist in the supervision and facilitating of programs, camp rules and regulations.



Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Must have completed one full year of college.
  2. Must be at least two years older than the oldest camper age group (oldest camper=17 years old).
  3. Past experience working with youth as a camp counselor, recreation leader or other similar experience.
  4. Must have strong communication and human relation skills.
  5. Certification in lifeguard training, first aid and CPR preferred (not required).
  6. Able to accept supervision and guidance and assist in activities where needed.
  7. Desire to live and work in remote camp community.
  8. Desire to work with children and ability to supervise them in related activities.
  9. Good character, integrity, flexibility and adaptability.
  10. Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self-control.
  11. Must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position.

Specific Responsibilities (Examples of Duties):

  1. Learn the names and likes/dislikes of your campers.  Be knowledgeable about the needs of campers including special diets, eating habits, etc.
  2. Assure the cleanliness of dorms and areas daily.
  3. Counsel campers when necessary.
  4. Create a cohesive bond within camper group.
  5. Supervise and participate in recreation programs, keeping control of the group.
  6. Adhere to safety rules and company policies and procedures for the well being of the campers and staff.
  7. Assist groups with programs.  This may include lifeguarding, conducting hikes or other recreational activities during all recreational periods.
  8. Assist with meal supervision of food services, including set up and clean up.  Sit with the campers during meals.
  9. Assist with group arrival and departure procedures as assigned.
  10. Be able to respond to emergency situations when necessary.
  11. Assist with other departments when required, potentially for an extended period. This includes additional cleaning duties as required (wiping surfaces, extra cleaning of living spaces, etc)
  12. Other duties as assigned by Camp Director, Assistant Camp Director or Head Counselor.

Essential Functions:

  1. Must be able to effectively work with the campers, counselors, supervisors and other staff.
  2. Ability to communicate any problems with staff or campers to Camp Director, Assistant Camp Director, or Head Counselor.
  3. Ability to assist campers and staff in the transition of camp life.
  4. Good physical condition with mobility, visual and auditory skills to maintain control of 8-10 campers in a variety of environments (in the dorms, on hikes, in learning sessions, in the water, etc).
  5. Ability to lift, carry and move heavy objects when necessary.
  6. Good communication and organization skills are necessary to ensure a good experience for the staff and campers.
  7. Ability to properly respond to emergency situations and enforce appropriate safety rules.


  1. Housing
  2. Full meals at the camp dining hall when the kitchen is in operation.
  3. Workers compensation insurance and State disability insurance.
  4. Ability to participate in camp programs.
  5. Opportunity to live and work in a beautiful outdoor environment.


First year counselors will receive $321.00 per week, along with opportunities to make extra money with extra responsibilities. (i.e. Airport Duty).