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Pool Manager

Job Details



Manager duties and expectations include those of a lifeguard plus:

  • being in charge of the pool schedule and making sure every shift has coverage
  • thoroughly training the lifeguards that are assigned to the pool that you will manage
  • making sure proper equipment and supplies are at the pool
  • attending manager meetings. Frequency tba.
  • making sure lifeguards are properly filling out paperwork on a daily basis
  • must be fair and reliable
  • must treat lifeguards with respect and show positive and professional behavior at all times
  • must retain enough knowledge of pool pump and facility in order to properly train lifeguards
  • must be known to not call off scheduled shifts


Must have previous lifeguard experience. Expected to work at least 30 hours a week as a lifeguard at assigned pool. Two years of lifeguard experience is preferred but not required. General pool pump experience is also preferred. We will train you!