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Campus Safety Officer

Job Details

Randolph College Incorporated - Lynchburg, VA
Full Time
High School


Campus Safety Officers (CSOs) are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment where the Randolph College community can learn, live, and work confidently. CSOs interact routinely with students, faculty, staff, guests, and non-community members. Officers tour grounds and buildings, identify, address, and remove unsafe factors, conditions, or distractions. CSOs respond to emergency situations, check fire and safety equipment, enforce college rules and regulations, provide a safety escorts, and monitor key building systems. Risk mitigation is an important component of a Campus Safety Officer’s duties. CSOs are considered essential employees as part of a twenty-four hour, seven day per week operation.



  • Promotes positive community relations in the performance of job duties, in demeanor and appearance.
  • Exercise sound, independent judgment in stressful situations.
  • Complete clear and accurate electronic Incident Reports of crimes, incidents, suspicious activities, or important maintenance issues occurring on or surrounding college property. (Thorough documentation is an important element of Campus Safety Officer performance.)
  • Maintains and completes a Campus Safety daily activity report for each shift worked, noting unusual incidents, maintenance problems or other items relevant to the safety and security of the campus and all college properties.
  • Campus Security Authority/Mandated Reporter on matters pertaining to sexual misconduct.
  • Communicates via two-way radio, portable/hand-held or base station, with coworkers, Communications Operators and other college employees.
  • Acts as a liaison between Randolph College and the city, state, and federal law enforcement agencies serving the area or region.
  • Tours and completes safety and security checks of assigned buildings and grounds, including exterior doors, windows, and key building equipment such as boilers, air conditioning systems, etc., as directed. Contacts appropriate maintenance personnel if necessary to respond to equipment failure or facility repairs of an urgent nature.
  • Responds immediately to fire alarms, ensuring evacuation of buildings and identification of hazards; resets alarms and ensures ready status as necessary.
  • Inspects fire fighting and safety protection equipment, interior and exterior lighting as required by applicable codes or statutes, and in accordance with policy established by the college.
  • Responds to perimeter intrusion alarm activations of college properties and facilities.
  • Assists the Division of Student Affairs with scheduled fire drills, in compliance with campus policy and Federal mandates regarding fire safety standards.
  • Assists the Division of Student Affairs with personal safety education programs, and with general security assessments offered by the Department of Campus Safety.
  • Performs pickup and delivery of the U.S. Postal Service mail daily for the college (Monday through Saturday, with exceptions for federal holidays) and delivers to campus Mailroom.
  • Provides transportation, delivery and pick-up of monies and media to/from local financial institutions for the college’s Business Office and or Institutional Advancement Division.
  • Provides off-duty security for college events as needed.
  • Staffs the college’s Reception and Information Desk as needed.
  • Designs, delivers and/or transmits emergency notifications or timely warnings during urgent or unusual conditions, occurrences or situations.
  • Tours parking areas within the assigned patrol area, issuing citations for violations, applies boot immobilization device to vehicles when necessary, according to existing parking regulations.
  • Ensures fire lanes are kept clear and initiates towing as necessary, in accordance with existing parking regulations and/or posted signage.
  • Provides safety escort services by foot or vehicle for students, employees, or guests when requested.
  • Provides access to on/off campus buildings when requested; verifies that such access is allowed and is necessary.
  • Provides First Aid, C.P. R. and A.E.D. rescue techniques when needed.
  • Maintains personal and issued equipment in a serviceable condition and neat in appearance.
  • Performs other duties, responsibilities, and tasks as assigned.


  • Prior experience in safety, security, law enforcement, or related fields is desirable but not required. Extensive on the job training is provided.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Good problem solving and mediation skills, and the ability to calmly deal with and deescalate stressful situations.
  • Demonstrated ability to work within a diverse environment.
  • Ability to apply fair and equitable treatment with dignity and respect for others.
  • Must maintain confidentiality in sensitive matters.
  • Possess basic computer skills.
  • Have or develop an ability and confidence to work alone and with others in the campus community.
  • Must possess and demonstrate sound ability to operate a motor vehicle hold a valid Virginia driver’s license or have the ability to obtain at time of employment.
  • Must successfully complete a police fingerprint-based background check.
  • Successfully complete mandatory field training with supervisor or senior CSO within 90 days of initial employment.
  • CSOs are required to accomplish multiple Department of Criminal Justice Services and F.E.M.A. certifications within 180 days of initial employment.
  • Desire to learn about matters pertaining to Title IX, campus sexual misconduct and mandated reporting.


Position requires a full range of body motion, including reaching, twisting, turning, stooping, kneeling, climbing and walking. Must have good vision and hearing, with or without corrective devices. Ability to lift/carry items weighing up to 50 pounds occasionally. May work in low light conditions requiring the use of a provided flashlight. Requires extensive walking and movement including difficult terrain, various surfaces, inclines and declines, and stairs. Ability to work in all types of weather conditions.