Baker / Cake Decorator
Job Details
KTA Keauhou #7 - Keauhou, HI

*This position is eligible for a temporary $750 New Hire Sign-on Bonus, paid out in three increments throughout the first 6 months of employment, based on the number of hours worked.


The primary responsibility of a Baker is to ensure customer satisfaction by consistently preparing, baking, frying and producing eye-appealing and quality products for the display case and for special orders. The primary responsibility of a Cake Decorator is to ensure customer satisfaction by consistently preparing and decorating eye-appealing, quality cakes for the display case and for special orders. A Baker / Cake Decorator also increases customer loyalty by assisting all customers with courteous, pleasant, patient service and treatment.

You MUST perform the following duties regularly and up to company standards:
Promptly and efficiently greet, thank, offer assistance, and meet the needs of all customers.
Prepare, bake, fry and produce quality products for the display showcase, and for special orders, by accurately following recipes and adjusting according to need.
Prepare and mix fillings, batters, frostings, and other items needed to produce Bakery products.
Prepare daily production list and plan for upcoming days.                                                                                                                                Prepare (fill, cut and frost) and decorate special order cakes by pick-up deadline. Prepare and decorate cakes to keep the display showcases filled.                                                                                                                                                                                      Follow all safe food handling guidelines.

In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, the following duties are also required on an as-needed basis, during slow periods, or upon instruction by a supervisor, manager or designated person-in-charge.
Promptly and efficiently greet, thank, offer assistance, and meet the needs of all customers.
Answer incoming phone calls, take special orders, and assist the customer with their needs.
Make breakout list.
Receive and store freight.
Order, receive, store, keep inventory, and organize cake decorating supplies. Write special messages on cakes upon customer's request.  Assist Counter Clerks as needed.
Clean and replace oil from fryer.
Perform cleaning duties (wash dishes and equipment, discard trash, clean work tables, decorating station, etc.).
Perform other duties as required.

All associates are required to provide our customers with World Class Service with a local touch.
GREET all customers (be friendly, smile and make face-to-face eye contact).
HELP all customers (listen and pay attention; be courteous; be knowledgeable about product location, services offered and store hours; offer alternatives if a product is out of stock; take the customer to the product, etc.).
Personalize the customers shopping experience (make small talk, offer meal suggestions, explain current store promotions, etc.).
THANK all customers (show appreciation and offer a parting comment).

Continuously perform most duties in an air conditioned building where it may be dusty and noisy, and with a high volume of customers and co-workers; work in a prep room to where it may be very hot due to heat from the stove, ovens and fryer.
Frequently work around dust from powdered sugar and flour when doing baking duties; work in wet and extremely cold conditions when storing and retrieving product and customer orders from the walk-in chill or freezer, and when washing dishes and equipment.
Occasionally go outdoors where it may be hot and humid, to receive freight, discard trash, and bale boxes.

Generally be available for work 7 days a week and holidays between 4:00 am and 6:00 pm, depending on the store and departments hours of operation.

Continuously need to use a gas or electric oven, electric fryer, mixer, donut glazer and proofer to prepare Bakery items for special orders and display showcase; cake decorating spray gun, spatula, cake turntable, pastry bag, decorating tips and various cake decorations to decorate cakes.
Frequently need to use a single burner electric or gas stove, balance scale, pastry scissors, donut cutter, knives, spatulas, measuring cups and spoons, microwave, mixer and pastry filler machine to produce cakes, breads and other Bakery products; case cutter to open boxes of supplies; telephone to assist customers and co-workers with requests; stock wagon to receive and store freight; telephone to assist customers and co-workers with requests.
Occasionally need to use tongs to assist Counter Clerks with packing pastries; bread slicer, pricing gun, label machine and stretch wrapper to prepare items for display showcase and customers orders; SYMBOL unit to order supplies; broom, dust pan and cleaning solutions to clean floors and decorating station.

Frequently wear a back support belt when doing heavy lifting.

MENTAL Continuously need to concentrate, pay attention to detail, and be alert, to produce quality products and customer service; be able to work efficiently, even with frequent interruptions. Frequently need to memorize recipes, oven temperatures, baking times, and weekly specials.
Occasionally need to use basic math skills to measure ingredients, calculate quantities and prices, and to provide accurate quotes to customers; be creative with coming up be able to remain calm, courteous and professional when handling various customer situations and complaints.
PHYSICAL Continuously need to stand, handle and use corrected vision when performing all job duties; be able to multi-task and adapt to working at a faster pace when production is behind schedule and customer needs are high. Frequently need to walk, bend, crouch and reach to store and retrieve supplies and ingredients, decorate cakes, and to fill and retrieve products from the display showcases; lift and carry up to 100 lbs. to use and transport mixing bowls, baking ingredients, baking pans and baking products. Occasionally need to push and pull up to 400 lbs. to receive and store freight.
COMMUNICATION Frequently need to listen, talk to, and understand supervisors, co-workers, and customers when doing all job duties; read and write to take customer orders and leave messages for co-workers; talk on the telephone to answer incoming calls, take customer orders, order supplies, and use PA system. Occasionally need to read instructions on cleaning labels to assure the safety of customers and co-workers; read messages from co-workers.

Skills and Knowledge: Must have basic math skills, be able to multi task to accomplish work on time, be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, and be able to work under minimal or no supervision.
Education and Experience: Previous baking experience is preferred.
Age Restrictions:
Must be at least 16 years of age to work in a walk-in freezer or chill box, and use a case cutter and knife.
Must be at least 18 years of age to clean, maintain, or operate a stove, oven, bread slicer, and any other power driven equipment.

Personal Traits To promote good working relationships with co-workers and customers.
o Have a friendly, cheerful, pleasant demeanor, characterized by a strong desire to please customers and co-workers and serve them well.
o Maintain a positive attitude toward work, co-workers, supervisors and customers.
o Be service oriented toward customers and fellow co-workers.
o Be a good listener, patient and understanding of customers and co-workers.
o Be honest and trustworthy. Use good judgment.
o Be neat and clean, in appearance and work habits.
Work Habits To promote a productive work environment.
o Greet, Help and Thank all customers.
o Handle customers complaints and concerns with tact.
o Maintain a good attendance record.
o Be punctual and committed to work when scheduled.
o Be focused on task and detail-oriented.
o Show initiative. Always keep busy. Be a self-starter.
o Be efficient and productive, while producing quality work.
o Be flexible, versatile, organized, methodical and conscientious.
o Be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
o Be able to follow work procedures and policies (e.g. safety and security practices).
o Create and maintain clean, safe and pleasant work environment for everyone.
o Be a team player and work well with others.