Production Supervisor
Job Details
GAC - Washington St - Winchester, KY
Full Time

The Production Supervisor (Supervisor) provides leadership to and works closely with the extraction and refinement processing teams. He/she will ensure the organization, cleanliness, and efficiency of the production areas; maintain quality control measures; and carry out day-to-day tasks including prepping, extracting and packaging of isolate and other products produced in the companys processing plant. The Supervisor must monitor and maintain the production areas in the facility in accordance with the standards set by GenCanna.

Position Specific Responsibilities

  • Operates equipment used in various stages of the extraction and refinement processes
  • Diagnoses and repair problems associated with equipment, processes, and systems
  • Accurately documents data and complete logbooks in accordance with established SOPs
  • Maintains aseptic and sanitary working conditions, including regular cleaning and maintenance to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Oversees the training of new personnel assigned to his/her team
  • Ensures essential working materials are adequately supplied to all shifts, including PPE and hygiene inventory
  • Maintains clear communication with Manager and promote positive team morale
  • Promotes efficiency with processes and use of supplies
  • Supports EHS by reporting incidents and participating in investigations as needed, and promptly submitting documentation to Manager
  • Assists in regular process of re-balancing to support modifications to production goals and product changes
  • Reviews investigations of Non-Conformities and Near-Misses, trains personnel in determining root cause analysis, and implement corrective and preventive actions
  • Responsible for communicating concerns regarding quality and operations to the appropriate individuals at all levels while working to resolve said issues
  • Ensures plant compliance with federal, state, and environmental laws, rules, and regulations
  • Oversees and report attendance and punctuality
  • Other duties as assigned