Shipper/ Receiver
Job Details
Full Time
High School
$17.00 - $19.00 Hourly

Hours: Base office hours are 7:30am to 4:30pm. More hours, to possibly include weekends, as needed. Hours are subject to change to accommodate company needs.


Reports to: Distribution Supervisor for Orange Distribution


Job Purpose: To assist the Distribution Supervisor for Orange Distribution in ensuring goods are where they need to be, when they need to be there in order to support company-wide missions and objectives.


Duties and Responsibilities:

· Follow company, Municipal, State and Federal rules, regulations, laws, directives, and procedures.

· Work in a safe and respectful manner.

· Make documents to properly transfer goods and materials, whether interplant or to a customer, (TOs packing list, BOLs, labels, customs, etc.).

· Coordinate transportation, (Internal or external), to get product to where it needs to be on time and completely.

· Properly route orders for shipment using customers online or manual processes.

· Perform physical inventory counts as needed, (Month end and spot)

· Understand and review pertinent reports often and regularly to ensure deadlines are met.

· Sort, review, correct, maintain and distribute copies of paperwork as necessary.

· Collaborate and communicate effectively with customers, coworkers, Inventory Control, Customer Service, Supervisors, Managers and Executives for order management.

· Alert Supervisor and Manager of any customer complaints or shipping errors immediately.

· Alert Supervisor of any low inventory levels, double committed inventory or order shortages immediately.

· Keep work station presentable.

· Maintain and organize necessary physical records so that people filling in can efficiently cover while necessary.

· Answer calls, voicemail, emails, and questions in a timely manner.

· Update shipping calendar so proper scheduling can be done.

· Load or unload goods off of trucks/trailers as necessary.

· Look for and report to your Supervisor any efficiency improvement suggestions.

· Report safety violations, accidents, injuries, and hostility to your Supervisor and Manager immediately.

· Utilize all of your resources to find answer to questions relevant to performing assigned duties.

· Light janitorial work as needed.

· Offer help to coworkers if you are able.

· Cross train in other assigned positions to fill in for company needs.

· Attend and contribute in training and meetings.

· Perform Job Instruction Breakdown (JIBs) as needed.

· Any other duties Supervisor or Manager assigns.


· High school diploma, equivalent or relevant skills training.

· Able to lift 50 lbs by yourself.

· Able to walk 200 yards multiple times per day.

· Able to work autonomously and as a team member.

· Capable of utilizing NetSuite basics effectively and efficiently within two months of starting.

o Create TO, BOL, packing list

o Perform item look ups

o Download and manipulate various reports and searches.

· Able to proficiently utilize standard software:

o Microsoft Word and Excel

o Google Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Calendar, and Docs

· Good time management and prioritization skills required.

· Valid drivers license

· Obtain and maintain operators license for the proper and proficient use of company equipment (internal license):

o LP and electric sit-down fork lifts

o Electric double reach lifts

o Clamp trucks

o Walker riders

· Able to use hand truck and two wheeled dollies.

· Effective and respectful communication skills.

· Able to utilize the company phone, email, fax and copier efficiently.

· Exhibit effective attention to detail.

· Do not procrastinate because of or ignore issues. Be proactive.

· Be on time at your appointed place of appointment.

· Able to correctly use measuring devices, (ruler, tape measure, scales).

· Use a calculator proficiently.

· Make educated decisions in time of need.

· Take responsibility for your areas of operation and your actions.