Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer
Job Details
Central Office - San Francisco, CA
Full Time
Graduate Degree
Up to 25%
Nonprofit - Social Services

TITLE:  Chief Financial Officer/ Chief Administrative Officer

ACCOUNTABILITY TO: Executive Director

DIRECT REPORTS INCLUDE: Controller; HR Director; Facilities Manager (also works closely with the Agency’s Administrative Assistant, who reports to the Executive Director).

Progress Foundation is a non-profit behavioral health provider that contracts with the City and County of San Francisco, the County of Napa, and the County of Sonoma to provide residential treatment and supported housing alternatives to psychiatric institutionalization.  The agency provides services through licensed treatment settings and an Urgent Care Clinic, along with supported housing services in apartments and federally funded HUD buildings throughout San Francisco.  Progress also operates licensed treatment settings in Napa, along with supported housing services in apartments and a HUD building, and licensed treatment settings in Santa Rosa.

The CFO/CAO will work closely with the Executive Director and the Agency’s Board of Directors to develop and strengthen the organizational infrastructure to meet today’s challenges and those of the future.  The incumbent will take a leadership role in building and managing effective financial/administrative systems, including financial analyses and reporting, compliance with funding requirements, information technology, and facility resource management. 

We cannot emphasize strongly enough the hands-on nature of the analytic aspect of this role.  The organization already has a strong Controller who is adept at handling day-to-day accounting, financial and treasury operations.  While supervision is required, the incumbent’s primary value-add will be analytic, personally analyzing cost, profitability and variance trends, investigating causes, drawing conclusions, understanding implications, and recommending mitigations as needed to the Executive Director, based on data produced by or requested from the Controller.  Doing so will require the incumbent to quickly come down the learning curve as regards Agency funding mechanisms and operations, so the incumbent can link financial results with the conditions giving rise to them.

Additionally, in addition to strong financial analysis skills, the ideal incumbent is a strong general analyst whose evolving understanding of the organization, its goals, and its operating modalities will allow them to provide analysis, recommendations, and support to the Executive Director on a broad range of administrative topics.

Financial Management and Oversight

  • Serve as the Agency Treasurer; represents the Agency financially
  • Serve as Chair of the Retirement Plan Committee, overseeing the organization’s 403(b) and 457 plans
  • Ensure that timely and relevant financial data is presented to the Executive Director and the senior management team; provide periodic reporting to the Board on the financial condition of the Agency
  • Develop and utilize financial analyses to strengthen the agency financial planning, business policies and accounting practices, and budget forecasting.
  • Coordinate the development and monitoring of program and administrative budgets.
  • Manage the financial aspect of all agency contracts with county governments, including compliance with all reporting requirements.
  • Lead and support the agency budgeting process.
  • Review and analyze financial reports; offer recommendations to the Executive Director in the interest of strengthening the Agency’s financial condition and outlook, consistent with overall Agency objectives.
  • Manage investment portfolio and asset management, including agency facilities.
  • Oversee the status of agency major funding streams, including Medi-Cal, state and local allocations, including ongoing compliance will all pertinent regulations regarding these funding sources.
  • Understand and manage the Agency’s debt instruments (including the non-profit revenue bond)

Risk Management/Insurance

  • Serve as the Agency’s chief risk officer
  • Overall responsibility for obtaining/negotiating relevant insurance policies for all Agency corporations, including: Health, Dental, Vision, and Life; Workers Compensation; Property-Casualty; Directors and Officers; Liability; Umbrella Policies; Additional policies as required by our funders
  • Inform relevant insurers and other relevant parties of potential litigation in a timely manner, consistent with all covenants and insurance policy provisions
  • Monitor the operating environment; identifies potential risk factors and brings them to the attention of the Executive Director and to the Board; identifies potential risk mitigation strategies
  • Ensure Agency compliance with all financial and administratively-oriented laws and regulations that bear upon the Agency, including the Sunshine Ordinance

Information Technology

  • Provide executive oversight of the technology function, working with the Administrative Assistant
  • Approve major technology purchases

Human Resources

  • Provide executive oversight of the HR function, working with the HR Director

Facilities Management

  • Provide executive oversight of the facilities management function
  • Working with the Director of Clinical Services and Facility Manager to ensure that all facilities meet safety standards, compliant with all building codes, and consistent with licensing requirements.
  • Supervise maintenance team; develop and maintain systems supporting their work
  • Oversee and help to prioritize major projects
  • Approve major facilities purchases

Supported Housing (Apartments; Webster; Moultrie; Hartle; Coops)

  • Provide executive oversight of the operational aspects of function; oversee the work of the Controller, to whom the Housing Associate reports
  • Address escalated tenant/landlord issues
  • Ensure non-clinical reports to funders are completed timely
  • Ensure ongoing financial viability, and make recommendations to the Executive Director as needed.


  • Provide executive oversight of the Payroll function and related activity (managed by the Controller)
  • Oversee purchasing, leases, vendor agreements and other agency outside business relationships.
  • Leads processes around purchase, sale, and rental of properties;
  • Serve as a key negotiator for the Agency in contract renewals with the bargaining units; create the Agency negotiating team for any given negotiation
  • Working with the Director of Clinical Services to ensure ongoing compliance with requirements of funding sources and regulatory agencies.

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least 10 years of financial and operations experience in healthcare or an analogous field, with a minimum of five years as a leader.  Undergraduate degree and MBA or related advanced degree.
  • Specific non-profit experience, including government contracting, is strongly preferred.
  • Experience providing financial analysis, forecasting, solutions and strategies.
  • Knowledge of Medicaid (MediCal) requirements and policies is a plus
  • Experience with HUD/Section 8 housing is a plus.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required. 
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities, creating efficiencies, and guiding investments.
  • A collaborative and flexible style with a strong service mentality and a demonstrated commitment to and ability to promote the Progress Foundation mission and values internally and externally.