Actuarial Assistant
Job Details
Headquarters - Baltimore, MD
Fully Remote

This is the entry level of professional work as an actuary in the Actuary unit. At this level, the employee assists the Actuary Director and/or Fiscal Director in actuarial related work. This position performs a wide range of duties under moderate supervision.
In addition to the information contained in this position description, work standards are established by the department.  The employee’s performance is measured using these work standards.

I.    Major Responsibilities:
1.    Compiles and analyzes statistical data concerning current and future rate level needs
2.    Assists management in the analysis and evaluation of reserve levels
3.    Compiles and analyzes data relating to current or proposed laws or regulations
4.    Designs and writes computer programs
5.    Assists in the analysis of statistical data and other pertinent information
6.    Prepares a variety of reports, spreadsheets, diagrams, and charts
7.    Performs other duties as required


Education and Experience Required:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in mathematics, statistics or related area. Professional related work experience in actuarial or data analytics may substitute for the required degree at a rate of one year of experience for 30 credit hours.

Experience required:  Six months of full or part-time (including internships) in actuarial, statistics or data analytics or related work.   Completion of at least 2 actuarial exams and experience with Excel and SQL, Visual Basic or data extraction/analytics tools may substitute for the general experience

  1. Other Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
    • Business English (spelling, grammar, punctuation)
    • Basic knowledge/skills in the use of IT equipment, office practices and procedures
    • Knowledge of various computer programming languages
    • Proficiency with Excel
    • Ability to analyze data compiled from a number of sources
    • Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and written
    • Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with other employees, industry-related professionals, and the general public
    • Ability to manage time efficiently and effectively