Chief Systems Architect
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Founded in 2015, Adomni is a fast-growing advertising platform for digital out of home advertising. We believe that innovative technology, created and delivered by smart people, is able to transform the oldest communication channel on the planet - out of home advertising.

Over the past six years, we have helped advertisers like Kylie Jenner launch record-breaking digital billboard campaigns, Walmart uses our platform for their ad campaigns and we have an exclusive ad sales and technology partnership with Uber.

In short, we think, act and dream BIG.

Adomnis easy online platform removes the hassles of the out-of-home buying process and empowers advertisers with easy-to-use online tools, so campaigns can be launched in minutes across one of the fastest-growing DOOH networks in the world. Currently, the Adomni platform has over 470,000 digital screens available across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, reaching billions of people daily.

If you light up at the idea of working at a high-growth, venture-backed technology company and are looking for a career that is challenging and rewarding, let's talk.


Adomni is looking for a talented Chief Software Architect to join our team. You will be responsible for understanding our entire tech stack at a high level, implementing system-wide enhancements, drafting architecture documents, contributing to planning meetings, providing guidance to other team members, and more. This position will also include a degree of individual contribution work on our public-facing API and our integrations with other APIs. However, an equally important part of this job is providing guidance and support for our technical team and their architecture needs.


Chief Executive Officer

Director of Software Development


  1. Lead architecture discussions with the business and engineering teams.

  2. Provide support to the engineering team on matters of system architecture, coding best practices, and more.

  3. Monitor our technical system at a high level to ensure code is executing as expected and in a performant capacity.

  4. Attend planning meetings and backlog grooming with the product team to provide architectural insight.

  5. Weekly sync meetings with product management and engineering management.

  6. Help scope out the technical requirements associated with a given feature request from a systems perspective.

  7. Meet with relevant stakeholders to extract requirements for upcoming sprints.

  8. Learn about relevant specifications and standards for implementation on the Adomni platform(s).

  9. Develop new business logic and export it in a Restful API that will be clean, clear, and a joy to use from the consumers point of view.

  10. Document the API using the OpenAPI 3.0 specification such that a third party can cleanly understand what it does without speaking to an Adomni representative.

  11. Partition and track your work in sprints using an agile work process.

  12. Tracking bugs and reporting the details in Asana.

  13. Monitor overall system performance and define operations limits (SLAs).


  1. Quick learner can process new information quickly and remember key points.

  2. Track record of delivering results.

  3. You must be able to work reliably in a remote work environment - comfortable using Slack, Zoom, other technologies of course, but also just being a consistent self-starter.

  4. People-person with a team-centric attitude.

  5. You must understand HTTP very well - the parts of the request and response, how different verbs interact with caching layers, etc.

  6. You must understand APIs very well - why Restful APIs work the way they do, what makes an API fun to use vs a pain to use. You should have both written APIs in the past and consumed a lot of them.

  7. You must understand the operational aspects of APIs - the effects of runaway consumers on consumption, throttling, failure cascades, etc.

  8. You must understand the documentation aspects of APIs - the need to (and ability to) write documents that consumers of your API can read and understand

  9. Attention to detail prevents important items from slipping through the cracks.

  10. Multitasking skills demands will come from various people throughout the day and must prioritize and juggle them with poise. Must be comfortable juggling various projects simultaneously.

  11. Ability to inspire creativity and work well with different personality types.

  12. Ability to consistently deliver work on-time, in a deadline-oriented environment.

  13. Agile software development background.

  14. API writing : You should be able to point us to an API youve coded in the past.

  15. Typescript/Node : You dont have to have used it before, but itd definitely help.

  16. OpenAPI 3.0 (Reading and writing)

  17. AWS (especially Lambda and DynamoDB) experience is a PLUS.

  18. Excited to work and extend a pure serverless architecture

  19. History of working with high throughput / high transaction volume systems.

  20. History of planning future architecture in a way that supports clear ownership and productivity while scaling with a consistently growing team.

  21. Experience using Asana software for project management and Slack for instant messaging and basic files sharing is a PLUS.


  1. 8-10+ years of relevant software development work experience is a prerequisite.

  2. Past experience in a startup, software company or advertising company is a PLUS.


Remote. Adomni office in Las Vegas, Nevada.