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LIC - Central DOHMH - Long Island City, NY

The Fund for Public Health in New York City (FPHNYC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to the advancement of the health and well-being of all New Yorkers.  To this end, in partnership with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), FPHNYC incubates innovative public health initiatives implemented by DOHMH to advance community health throughout the city. It facilitates partnerships, often new and unconventional, between government and the private sector to develop, test, and launch new initiatives. These collaborations speed the execution of demonstration projects, effect expansion of successful pilot programs, and support rapid implementation to meet the public health needs of individuals, families, and communities across New York City (NYC).



The Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention, Care and Treatment (BADUPCT) works to reduce morbidity and mortality related to alcohol and substance use among New Yorkers through contracting and oversight of prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery and support services; policy analysis and development; epidemiology, surveillance, and evaluation; development and dissemination of treatment and management guidelines; harm reduction initiatives; public and provider outreach and education; and community involvement and interagency collaboration.

The Research and Surveillance unit conducts alcohol- and drug-related surveillance, program evaluation and research, maintains databases, designs research protocols, produces reports, writes scientific articles for peer review journals, and facilitates program and policy development.

With an annual budget of approximately $2 million dollars per year, Strategies To Operationalize the Prevention of Overdose Death (STOP OD) aims to strengthen NYC’s response to the opioid overdose epidemic and reduce overdose deaths. Informed by critical new surveillance and in collaboration with cross-sector partners across levels of government, DOHMH will implement focused prevention and response strategies to reach populations that bear the heaviest burden of opioid use and associated morbidity and mortality.

BADUPCT is seeking a full-time, temporary Lockbox Coordinator for its STOP OD project, with a 6-month term based on current funding. The Lockbox Coordinator will primarily be responsible for the following:

  • Supply inventory and preparation
  • Training
  • Lockbox retrieval and logging
  • Lockbox tracking and data coordination




Reporting to the Project Director, the Lockbox Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating lockbox needs for the Methadone Delivery System (MDS).


Supply inventory and preparation

  • Collaborate with MDS coordinators to ensure that Guest Opioid Treatment Programs (GOTPs) are adequately supplied with resources needed for methadone delivery, i.e., medication lockboxes and reinforced envelopes
  • Liaise with GOTPs to coordinate the delivery of supplies on a weekly basis and as needed
  • Determine GOTP supply needs based on the clinic’s reported inventory and projected number deliveries for the following week
  • Prepare PPE and other supplies for MDS staff as needed and support Operations Coordinator in conducting inventory


  • Train new staff on the MDS lockbox protocol, including regulatory requirements, best practices to maximize retrieval, and related documentation and data entry
  • Collaborate with MDS coordinators to ensure that couriers communicate key messages about lockboxes to patients, e.g., instruct patients to call the phone number displayed on the box when it is ready for pickup, inform patients of policy regarding empty bottles and naloxone, etc.

Lockbox retrieval and logging

  • LeadMDS Lockbox Team, which presently consists of three part-time Engagement Specialists,  three Lockbox Runners (Drivers)
  • Assign Engagement Specialists to call patients and/or hotel and nursing homes in order to confirm that there are boxes ready for picked up
  • Assign Lockbox Runners to schedule and carry out retrieval of confirmed lockboxes
  • Oversee Lockbox Team members in logging and disinfecting all retrieved boxes, and preparing them for use by GOTPs

Lockbox tracking and data coordination

  • Collaborate with MDS data manager and coordinators to address lockbox and supply-related data needs, e.g., reports, modifications to REDCap forms, etc.
  • Review lockbox distribution and delivery data on a biweekly basis to identify patients and isolation/quarantine hotels, and nursing homes likely to have lockboxes
  • Review REDCap lockbox retrieval data on a biweekly to verify that pickups are being properly documented and that boxes are accounted
  • Maintain lockbox inventory log and update as necessary to note relevant information, e.g., box no longer functional, missing key, changes to combination number, etc. 


  • BA/BS in sociology, psychology, anthropology, public health, or a related social science field.
  • Experience conducting administrative tasks simultaneously and efficiently
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.



This position will be hired through a staffing agency. Compensation for the position is hourly, with a rate up to $25/hour commensurate with experience. 



To apply, send Resume, with Cover Letter, including how your experience relates to this position. We ask that you do not contact our staff directly and no phone inquiries please. Applicants who best match the position needs will be contacted.


The Fund for Public Health in New York City is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages a diverse pool of candidates to apply.