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Risk & Safety Consultant

Job Details

Answers in Genesis / Ark Encounter - Williamstown, KY


This position is part of the Answers in Genesis Risk and Safety Department and supports the AiG projects and personnel through detailed planning on safety needs. This is done through procuring safety equipment, providing employee training, as well as safety audits and inspections. The Safety Consultant must effectively communicate with various stakeholders through a servant leader mindset. This position has a career path that will develop your spiritual and professional growth goals by working with a large staff in a God-honoring fashion to achieve great results by tackling challenges while having fun along the way.


  • Promote the Mission and Standards of Answers in Genesis
  • Create a SERVE culture environment in all work done
  • Actively develop and maintain a work atmosphere that enhances the spiritual growth of all team members
  • Maintain knowledge of active and future projects to predict safety concerns and provide recommendations and solutions to avoid risks
  • Identify training gaps for staff based upon project needs to determine needs and schedule staff training
  • Work with AiG teams to understand work needs and assist in the development of JHA’s (Job Hazard Analysis) for projects and activities
  • Participate in accident/incident investigations to create incident reports and recommendations to prevent reoccurring accident/incidents
  • Conducts routine observations of the work environments and approaches issues with as a servant leader to help correct deficiencies
  • Ensures safety programs compliance with regulatory agency guidelines and best practices
  • Assists in the promotion, teaching and implementation of AiG safety programs
  • Identifies and tracks safety trends to produce meaningful reports for management review
  • First response to onsite emergencies and incidents
  • All other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management