Job Details
Morrison County Government Center - Little Falls, MN
Full Time
$27.50 - $36.19 Hourly




The Commercial Appraiser reports directly to the County Assessor and is under the guidance of the County Assessor. The incumbent must exercise appraisal judgment, anticipate workloads and meet deadlines. The primary role of the Commercial Appraiser is to prepare appraisals for commercial/industrial properties for cyclical revaluations, abatements, review boards and court petitions using cost, market and income approaches to valuation when applicable to the property type. Some residential, seasonal and agricultural assessment may be assigned. Adequate information must be maintained to defend those appraisals and assist the County Assessor with tax court claims. This position appraises complex value of architectural design of buildings; analyzes sales data; inspects new construction, assist in compiling cost calculations and estimates for improvement values; initiates and maintains records reflecting classification and value changes and other related work.




A. Inspects real estate and records characteristics such as type of property, physical conditions, structural components, size and nature and type of improvements for use in appraising and classifying property.

  1. Investigates and analyzes sales data, researches, analyzes and splits legal descriptions, calculates values and tax estimates.


B. Estimates real estate value by building components and estimates real estate market values by evaluating Cost values, evaluating Income/Expense statement to determine income value, and evaluating recent sales of comparable properties to determine Market value.

  1. Locate and assess property according to state law.
  2. Estimates values and prepare appraisal reports.

FREQUENCY/WT. Monthly 15%

C. Represents the department in discussions held during Local, County and State Boards of Appeal and Equalization concerning the estimated market value and classifications of property.

  1. Attends and/or conducts equalization meetings.

FREQUENCY/WT. Weekly 20%

D. Receives and responds to inquiries and complaints of property owners by explaining how property values and classifications were established and informing property owners of appeal procedures.

  1. Answers questions and research data for the public verbally, by computer and written correspondence.

FREQUENCY/WT. Weekly 10%

E. Negotiates with taxpayers and their representatives, subject to case-by-case guidelines and discusses proposed settlements with Assessor.

  1. Assists in court preparation.
  2. Assist in developing building and land rates.

FREQUENCY/WT. Quarterly 15%

F. Performs other job duties and projects in accordance with Morrison County policies and procedures as directed by the County Assessor and/or Land Services Director.

  1. Attends and passes required educational courses necessary to acquire and maintain professional designation as required by the State Board of Assessors.
  2. Updates departmental electronic files and records to reflect the outcome of property appraisals and to ensure the addition of new construction to tax rolls.
  3. Attends and participates in workshops, seminars, in-service training, etc, as required by the Director and follows established personnel policies and procedures
  4. Maintains work areas in a sanitary and safe manner, and follows departmental dress code.



Duties are performed in an office and at property sites. Work at property sites involves standing, walking and bending as required to measure and appraise properties. Office work involves viewing a computer screen approximately six to seven hours daily. Fieldwork involves travel in normal seasonal weather. Duties involve exposure to hazards at building sites if reasonable caution is not exercised. May also include contact with angry and potentially dangerous people and animals.


Requires at least two years of appraisal or real estate experience. Position requires a high school diploma and minimum of MN Certified Appraiser Licensure (income qualified preferred). Incumbent must achieve Accredited Minnesota Appraiser (AMA) licensure within one year of hire. Post-secondary education in a related field is preferred. Must have at least two years of appraisal experience in the field of ad valorem taxation. Must have an aptitude for math, construction or related field. Must possess ability to read and follow legal descriptions, blueprints, plats, mortgages and contracts. Must be comfortable with Microsoft Office software and have an ability to learn appraising computer software. Must possess a valid drivers license and although a County vehicle is available, must have access to a reliable, insured personal vehicle for work completion when needed.

Knowledge of principles and practices of real estate appraisal, including cost, income and market value techniques is required. Extensive knowledge of current laws and regulations pertaining to the administration of Minnesota property tax. Knowledge of real estate terminology. Must possess the ability to establish efficient work relationships with taxpayers, co-workers and others involved in the valuation process. Ability to use an office computer or a field device to collect, retrieve and manipulate valuation data. Must have the ability to use computer field data, computerized property records and coding systems through an advanced knowledge of the Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal System (CAMA). Must have the knowledge of tax and capacity rates and how they are determined is a must. Ability to interpret reports containing property valuation data.