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Part-Time History Instructor Grades 6-12, Asynchronous

Job Details

Fully Remote


Kolbe’s Self-Paced Plus Program offers students the benefit of one-on-one interaction with an experienced Kolbe teacher, coupled with the flexibility of asynchronous lessons and assignments that can be utilized at the convenience of the student. With no live class time, the student and parent are free to implement their own plan for the completion of any given course. The student has access to pre-recorded lessons, and a mixture of auto-graded and instructor-graded assignments that contribute to semester grades, which are then reported to a Kolbe Advisor. The Asynchronous Instructor is expected to not only evaluate students’ work, but to interact with students and facilitate successful completion of the course. Applicants should enjoy creating and augmenting the asynchronous classroom. Self-Paced Students are enrolled on a rolling basis and have one year to complete courses. As a result, the following duties are year-round. Duties include:

  • Evaluate student submissions within one week
  • Give meaningful feedback with comments on points taken off and areas for improvement
  • Review auto-graded assignments for accuracy
  • Moderate and respond to course discussion boards
  • Course content edits to both SP+ and the corresponding SP course
  • Check and respond to email and Schoology notifications daily, Monday-Friday, not including holidays or breaks
  • Hold up to one office hour per week by appointment either for individual students or groups
  • Complete Self-Paced Plus Instructor training, along with training in technology, Kolbe philosophy and policy, and online teaching pedagogy
  • Attend Self-Paced Plus and grade level and subject specific meetings as scheduled

Salary and Benefits
The position is hourly and is competitive based on local market rates of the candidate. Kolbe Academy reserves the right to negotiate based on candidate skill, experience level, and local market rates. Hours may fluctuate based on work available.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Four-year degree in relevant field
  • Classroom teaching experience and/or tutoring homeschool students
  • Previous experience in online learning (Preferred)
  • Master’s degree in field or teaching certification in any state (Preferred)

Job Requirements

  • Flexibility in the number of hours worked each week, generally expected to be between 5 and 15 hours a week, depending on subject area and number of courses
  • The ability to work year-round, including summers
  • The ability to respond to the needs of the individual student- this means generally giving freedom to the students to complete the course in the timeframe and manner that suits each student, while offering attention and assistance to the student that may need more guidance .