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Major Accounts Analyst

Job Details

AC8393 West Reading - West Reading, PA
4 Year Degree
7:30 -4:30 or 8:00-5:00


Ready to be the driving force behind high-impact sales initiatives, shoulder-to-shoulder with the VP of Sales? If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, possess razor-sharp communication skills, and have a knack for turning data into compelling narratives with a creative flair, then this is your calling.


Fraser Advanced Information Systems is a leading technology firm committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive business success. We're seeking a dynamic and detail-oriented Sales Operations Specialist to join our team and take charge of managing our top 100 accounts.


Job Overview:

The Major Accounts Analyst will play a critical role in optimizing the sales processes, supporting strategic initiatives, and driving sales efficiency. This position is responsible for managing the top 100 accounts, ensuring customer satisfaction, and executing operational tasks to support the broader sales team.


Here's what you'll be doing:

  • Data Analysis:  Analyze sales data to identify trends, forecast performance, and provide actionable insights for the sales team.
  • Reporting:  Prepare and deliver reports on sales performance, account status, and operational metrics to senior management.
  • Project Management: Lead special projects related to sales operations, ensuring timely completion and alignment with organizational goals.
  • Internal Sales Promotions: Ignite the sales spark! Craft firecracker internal promos that boost team morale, increase product knowledge, and drive competitive sales spirits. Think engaging catchy taglines, and incentivizing challenges.
  • Bid Process Champion: Own the bid process from kickoff to submitting the final product. Manage timelines, gather critical data, analyze competitor strategies, and craft winning proposals that showcase our competitive edge.
  • Major Account Strategist: Partner with the VP to develop persuasive proposals for our most significant clients. Research their needs, translate pain points into solutions, and build compelling narratives that secure those coveted deals.
  • Business Review Analyst:  Transform data into insightful reports and presentations for client reviews.
  • Top Account Guru: Be the first line of defense and support for our key accounts. Anticipate their needs, provide proactive solutions, filter issues that may occur and ensure a smooth, seamless customer experience that fosters loyalty and long-term growth by being the liaison between client, internal staff and sales.


To thrive in this role, you'll need:

  • 3+ years of experience in sales support or a related field

  • A master of written and verbal communication (think clarity, persuasion, and a dash of charisma

  • Data analysis skills: Use Excel to turn numbers into actionable insights that tell a story.

  • Project management pro: You juggle deadlines and tasks with the grace of a circus performer.
  • Strong organizational skills: Your desk is a haven of order, even amidst sales-fueled chaos.
  • A collaborative and creative spirit: You're a team player who thrives on building relationships and achieving shared goals while flexing your creativity.
  • A passion for your work: You get excited about what you do and have great positive energy.

Bonus points if you:

  • Have experience crafting and managing internal sales promotions.
  • Understand the bid process (the RFP is your best friend).
  • Can navigate complex datasets and tell a compelling story with data.
  • Have a healthy dose of creativity and a thirst for learning.

If you're ready to be the support rockstar, making every sales initiative a resounding success, then we want you! Send us your resume and tell us why you're the missing piece to our high-octane sales puzzle.