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Creation Museum Grounds Maintenance Technician

Job Details

Creation Museum - Petersburg, KY
$18.00 - $25.00 Hourly


The Grounds Maintenance Technician is responsible for day-to-day involvement in the growing of plants and implementation of reliable growing processes, including pesticide applications, irrigation, temperature, growing media, fertilization, nutrition, and monitoring the overall health of plants. Participates in grounds maintenance practices to ensure that guests are exposed to attractive natural settings, beautiful garden displays and park-like settings. All work is to be always done with excellence and professionalism, with conduct worthy of the cause of Christ while displaying our Core Values of SERVE to ensure that the message and mission of Answers in Genesis is portrayed in an effective and God-honoring fashion.


  • Collaborate daily with team to development a SERVE culture.
  • Receives instructions and work assignments from the Horticulture Manager and/or the Horticulture Supervisor and coordinates with staff and volunteer groups.
  • Assists other groundskeepers and volunteers in accomplishment of routine assignments and problem solving.
  • Keeps parking lot, walks and driveway clear of debris and litter.
  • Uses mowers to cut turf areas; performs minor repair and adjustment of equipment.
  • Plants, transplants, cultivates, irrigates, and sprays ornamental plants, shrubs, hedges, trees, and flowers
  • Maintains lake gardens, including the lake itself
  • Maintains proper records of all the aforementioned items.
  • Fertilizes, irrigates and cares for all turf areas.
  • Trims trees, hedges, and shrubs; prepares and treats soil for planting annual color.
  • Assist in keeping gardens in balance with regards to insect and disease problems, seasonal mulching and dyeing of garden areas, fall leaf removal.
  • Trash removal.
  • Install drain tile.
  • Install stone walls and patios; make repairs to asphalt and concrete; painting of outside structures.
  • Operates small and medium size trucks and trailers.
  • Operates power equipment such as bobcat, tractor, mowers, chainsaws, weed eater, blowers etc., operates hand tools such as pruners hand saw, hammer, shovels, rakes, pitch forks etc.
  • Perform snow removal duties which may require unusual hours.
  • Follow standard operating procedures for all tasks.
  • Grounds Maintenance Technician may work alone or as a member of a crew and is required to use appropriate safety procedures and appropriate equipment to complete assigned duties.
  • And all other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.



  • Must agree with and be able to sign our Statement of Faith.
  • Maintains a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Regular attendance at a local Bible-believing church.
  • Knowledge of: standard horticultural and grounds keeping practices; the use and maintenance of grounds keeping tools and equipment.
  • Ability to: direct and monitor the work of volunteers; perform general gardening and grounds keeping work; use and maintain tools and equipment; communicate with the Museum guests on facility information, vendors, and contractors, follow written and verbal instructions; perform heavy manual labor; plan and perform basic landscaping functions; learn specialized procedures related to irrigation systems, lake management, equipment, landscaping, pesticide applications, etc.
  • This position will require lifting 5080-pound objects; frequent bending, walking, and standing; exposure to a variety of weather conditions for extended periods of time; exposure to chemicals which may present health hazards if not handled properly; exposure to potentially dangerous power and hand operated equipment.

Education & Experience

  • Any combination of education or job-related experience that provides the required knowledge and abilities to perform tasks.
  • Drivers license required.