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Job Details

Residential Home - Port Clinton, OH
Full Time
High School


Ensure Health and Safety of the individuals we serve while in DSP care
Follow all directives as outlined in ISP/BSP
Earn and maintain all necessary certifications (First Aid, CPR, Delegated Nursing, etc)
Obey all policies as outlined in the RVI Staff Personnel Policies Manual
Understand and accurately maintain all documentation requirements as services are delivered
Follow all reporting requirements, accurately and timely, including MUIs, UIRs, and BIRs
Attend all meetings, appointments, and other scheduled events as directed by manager
Follow appropriate guidelines for dispensing medication and documenting with accuracy and care
Maintain open, honest, and professional communication with staff, providers, agencies, and other professionals
Maintain valid drivers' license for the purpose of transporting clients when appropriate and necessary
Participate in all crisis interventions as appropriate, providing assistance to co-workers whenever necessary
Maintain accurate timesheets and submit, on-time, to supervisor for payroll purposes
Participate in all company-sponsored training opportunities as directed by supervisor
Identify and report any concerns immediately to supervisor
Perform personal service duties, including, but not limited to, feeding and bathrooming
Aide individual in all areas of homemaking and personal care, recognizing Universal Precautions
Uphold the commitment to RVI's positive culture
Perform all other duties as assigned by supervisor regarding care to the indivduals we serve
Embody Trauma Informed Care


Must Have High School Diploma or Equivalent
Must be willing and able to take and pass all company-sponsored training opportunities
Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
Must be able to work with potentially aggressive behaviors and implement techniques as trained
Must maintain all other certifications as directed