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Job Details

Headquarters - Pittsburgh, PA



The position of In-House Coordinator for the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) is one of significant responsibility. The In-House Coordinator is responsible for functioning as a designated requestor in CORE’s DSA and talking with families about the opportunity to donate and obtaining and/or documenting authorization. He/She is responsible for donor evaluation and initial management at the assigned hospital(s) within CORE’s service area. In addition, he/she coordinates educational efforts at the assigned hospital(s) within CORE’s service area by consulting and working with hospital decision makers. He/She is responsible for developing and delivering educational programs to physicians, nurses, social workers, pastoral care representatives, and others throughout the hospital to advance and maximize the donor program. In conjunction with hospital administration and key staff, the In-House Coordinator will develop and monitor policies to ensure hospital compliance with federal and state donor mandates. He/She will identify and cultivate champions of donation and facilitate the donation process within their assigned service area.




The In-House Coordinator reports to the Director of Professional Services and Regulatory Affairs.



Procurement Duties:

When involved in donor activity, however, the In-House Coordinator works under the direction of the CORE administrator-on-call. He/She is responsible for donor evaluation and management of potential and actual donors up until authorization is obtained and care is able to be relinquished to the Organ Procurement Coordinator. He/She will be responsible for knowing and working within CORE and national policies regarding organ and tissue recovery and distribution. He/She will be responsible for functioning as a designated requestor in CORE’s DSA and communicating donor case outcomes to donor families, donor hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare professionals as deemed necessary. He/She will be responsible for both allocation and recovery activities for the post mortem organ donor.



Professional Services Duties:

The In-House Coordinator is responsible for professional educational initiatives within the CORE service area. To effectively develop and implement educational modules and policies with hospitals, the In-House Coordinator must have a strong understanding of local and national donor policies, trends within the procurement and transplant fields and the hospitals’ internal dynamics. He/She routinely will identify and target within the assigned hospital(s) key units where improvements in the donor process need to be made. He/She will develop in partnership the individual hospital a coordinated plan of development that will be updated on a quarterly basis. The plan will demonstrate development and implementation of measurable goals to help ensure that the improvements are achieved. He/She also will ensure that chart reviews are conducted on a monthly basis to help measure compliance and improvements. Additionally, the In-House Coordinator will meet with hospital administrators, medical, nursing, social services and quality assurance/risk management staff to ensure that CORE materials are displayed throughout the hospital and that CORE is represented at hospital-sponsored meetings and events, where appropriate. He/She must develop a positive relationship with external organizations to position CORE as a resource and gain access to programs and advance the hospitals’ overall donor programs.

Job Qualifications


For the position of In-House Coordinator, it is preferred that the incumbent have a Registered Nurse diploma in Nursing Sciences or other related experience which would demonstrate the ability to perform the responsibilities of the position. Health care experience with a critical care background is highly desirable. He/She should demonstrate strong analytical and interpersonal skills. He/She must be able to work long and unpredictable hours. He/She must have strong communication, interpersonal skills, sound judgment and a commitment to supporting families in the donation process. He/She must demonstrate a commitment to CORE’s mission and administrative philosophy, a strong work ethic and a commitment to the overall organ, tissue and eye donation program.




The degree of difficulty for the In-House Coordinator falls into the significant range. Inadvertent errors or mistakes could result in death of transplant recipient. Misinformation to families, healthcare professionals or the public in general could have an adverse effect on the donation process. Personal development is essential to keep abreast of the current trends in organ/tissue donation and transplantation. Misinformation could cause internal and external problems with regard to CORE and national transplant policies. The position does require Monday through Friday hospital development activities with on call Monday-Friday (and one weekend per month) responsibility for talking and supporting families throughout the donation process up to and including obtaining authorization and/or documenting authorization. This position will require that he/she be willing to maintain ongoing knowledge and be current with all legislative issues regarding organ and tissue donation.




Strong collaborative initiatives will be required in planning, implementing and evaluating hospital development with all CORE Organ Procurement Coordinators and the Professional Services Liaison staff.


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