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Seasonal Lifeguard - Charleston

Job Details

Charleston - Hanahan, SC


Lifeguarding requires that one be constantly alert for any dangers to the swimming pool patrons. The primary duties of a pool lifeguard are prevention, enforcing pool rules, responding to emergencies and diligently applying specialized observation techniques. Secondary duties include chemical testing of pool water, vacuuming and cleaning of the pool, completing daily report forms, ensuring safe and clean facilities, and In-service training to maintain lifeguarding skills. May be 15 years old to work. Some pool locations require 18+ year olds. We offer competitive pay, Multiple bonus programs Employee scholarship opportunities & Seasonal Work from May-October.


Lifeguard Duties

  • On time to shifts
  • Communicating availability to pool managers/staffing office
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times
  • Be constantly alert, on the lookout, and ready to assist swimmers in trouble in the pool and on deck.
  • Enforce all club rules fairly, consistently and in a courteous manner.
  • Make sure you maintain appropriate posture while on duty
  • Greet and check in members and guests.
  • Develop and maintain a friendly relationship with members and guests
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Clean and maintain the pool deck
  • Empty ashtrays and trashcans when ¾ full
  • Pick up debris and trash
  • Clean and maintain restrooms
  • Maintain pool color, chemistry, clarity, and cleanliness
  • Complete daily checklists
  • Additional duties and expectations as need.
  • Attend all required staff meetings and in-services