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System Lead, UPMC Donor Program

Job Details



JOB DESCRIPTION – System Lead, UPMC Donor Program

Department:                                      Hospital Development

Reports to:                                         Director of Professional Services

Exemption Status:                            Exempt

Work Schedule:                                Full-time

Job Location:                                    Pittsburgh

OSHA Category:                              Non-Clinical

Supervisory Responsibilities:          Yes


Position Summary


The position of System Lead, UPMC Donor Program, (“System Lead”) for the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) is one of significant responsibility. The System Lead is responsible for aligning donation-related policy and practice across UPMC campuses and ensuring donation initiatives in UPMC facilities further CORE’s mission.

The System Lead will work closely with the UPMC PSL and Presbyterian IHC to report UPMC-specific donation system data to CORE & key hospital partners and will also provide oversight to both the UPMC PSL and Presbyterian IHC.  The System Lead, UPMC Donor Program reports to, and works under the supervision of the Director of Professional Services. They are expected to assist in facilitating a positive workplace that promotes and assures the overall success of the organization, and participating in a work environment which is safe proof, injury-free, fire safe, free of violence and free from every form of discrimination.      

Scope of Responsibility

The System Lead, UPMC Donor Program reports to CORE’s Director of Professional Services. The System Lead will have responsibility for the input into the hiring, orientation, and training of the UPMC Professional Services Liaisons (UPMC PSL) and UPMC Presbyterian In-House Coordinator (Presbyterian IHC). The System Lead shall work in conjunction with the Director of Professional Services to be in compliance with accreditation and regulatory agencies. They will assist the Director of Professional Services in monitoring department-related and UPMC-specific quality improvement processes as well as outcome data and benchmarks related to hospital performance and department goals. The System Lead will also work with the UPMC PSL and Presbyterian IHC to align UPMC policy and practice, where applicable.

To effectively develop and implement educational modules and policies with hospitals, the System Lead must have a strong understanding of local and national donor policies, trends within the procurement and transplant fields, as well as UPMC hospital and health system internal dynamics. They should use and analyze data, including operational, clinical, and survey data to positively guide and effect donation performance and outcome measures. The System Lead will work with the UPMC PSL and Presbyterian IHC to maintain hospital performance and – when necessary – identify and target hospitals or units where improvements in the donor process need to be made. The System lead will develop and execute the organ donation specialty team (ODST) throughout the UPMC system. The system lead will engage and participate in the UPMC transplant meeting with the CORE team. The system lead will ensure after action reviews are completed from each donation case and share learning opportunities are distributed to the hospital and the CORE teams. The System Lead will focus on physician engagement and develop strategies to deploy across the UPMC system. The System Lead will participate onsite in the Morning Huddle meeting at a minimum of two (2) days per week.


Job Qualifications

The System Lead, UPMC Donor Program is required to have a minimum of 4-year degree or be an individual who has attained the advanced knowledge through a combination of work experience and intellectual instruction. Health care experience with critical care background is highly desirable. They should demonstrate strong analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills and have a minimum of five years’ experience in the medical or procurement field, ideally within the UPMC health system. They must be able to work long and unpredictable hours. They must demonstrate a commitment to CORE’s mission, their administrative philosophy, and overall organ, tissue, and eye donation program.


Degree of Job Difficulty

The difficulty falls into the moderate to high range. Inadvertent errors or mistakes could easily result in incorrect information being relayed to donor hospitals that would ultimately affect the outcome of the donation program. Supervisory Requirements



Based on the position, supervisory requirements of the System Lead, UPMC Donor Program may include oversight of 2 employees (UPMC PSL and Presbyterian IHC).

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